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5 Best Water Sports in Bali - Top 5 Water Sports in Bali

Tipped to be one of Asia's top beach vacation destinations, Bali also offers excellent conditions for a host of water-bound activities. Here are 5 water sports everyone should experience in Bali.


Stand Up Paddleboarding

Also known as SUP, Stand Up Paddleboarding is a relatively new water sports activity that's both challenging and invigorating. Riding the waves on boards which allow participants to stand upright, the large paddle affords flexibility and speed control to the rider. While the sport is similar to surfing, Stand Up Paddleboarding is more conducive to calm water conditions. Those who are not familiar with the sport can pick up the skills at a water sports centre of surf school on the island which also offers paddleboarding lessons. Also known to provide a fantastic workout for core muscles, it is also a great way to enjoy Bali's picturesque coastlines.


Scuba Diving

Home to some of the most spectacular underwater landscapes in Asia, it should come as no surprise that Bali is one of the best scuba diving destinations on the planet. As a part of the Indonesian archipelago, the sheer biodiversity of the coastline environments makes it a potent scuba diving hotspot for the masses. Some of the top diving sites in Bali include Sanur Reef, Nusa Lembongan, Tulamben and Amed. With shipwrecks and colourful coral reefs teeming with fish species occupying its sea beds, Bali affords visitors the chance of a lifetime to explore the marine life heritage of the Indonesian archipelago.



Having been the preferred surfing hub of many a wave rider for decades, the island's top-notch surfing conditions are what lead to the Kuta Beach's extreme popularity among wave riders. Offering big swells and awe-inspiring barrels, Bali's eastern and western shores are the most suitable beaches for this thrill-seeking activity. Longboard and shortboard surfing are both possible in the waters off the coast of the island which also provides good conditions for bodyboarding. Those who wish to learn how to surf while on holiday also find Bali is the perfect location as many of its surfing hotspots are suitable for beginners. the Tanjung Benoa peninsula, Sanur and Kuta are where most of the island's surf schools are found.


Sea Walk

As an activity that was previously reserved for those with diving and swimming skills, sea walking allows visitors with neither skill to experience the underwater landscapes of Bali. Donning a specially crafted helmet which is fed by an oxygen talk, participants are able to walk on the sea bed and discover the many marine species and coral reefs inhabiting the seafloor. Descending to depths of up to 7m, the Bali Seawalker allows visitors to get an up-close and personal look at angelfish, triggerfish and regal tangs among countless others during this one of a kind experience.



Those based at Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali or any similar Bali family resorts will find that rafting is one of the most enjoyable family-oriented water sports activities available on the island. Providing groups of visitors the chance to discover the beauty of Bali's shoreline at their own pace, the relaxing and invigorating activity is organized by local hotels as well as private tour operators.