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Updated by Harriett Fox, CPA on Feb 17, 2020
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Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support Firm in Miami, Florida

Harriett Fox, CPA is a leading forensic accounting and litigation support firm in Miami, Florida. Our professionals help you in family law, civil litigation and commercial litigation.


Divorce Mediation or Collaborative Divorce: Which is Right for You?

Mediation is often more flexible than collaboration. This is because you will only need three persons to start the entire process: you, your spouse and a mediator. There are no additional experts, procedures or protocols.Mediation is more flexible because it promotes natural negotiation and discussion.

Why Should You Contact a Civil Litigation Attorney?

Civil law cases are also often going forward without proper legal representation for clients. While the law doesn’t stipulate that these cases should have legal representation i.e. a civil litigation attorney, it’s advisable to use their services.

The importance of Family Litigation Support Services

Harriett Fox, CPA provides litigation support services for family matters with the highest level of integrity and expertise. Harriett Fox, CPA determines the value of the marital estate, and determines each party’s income for child support and spousal support, or alimony.

Financial tips for women facing divorce

Hire a female divorce accountant to help you with the financial aspects of divorce. You will need guidance on property division, the assessment of assets, debts, and taxes. There's a lot of work behind a divorce, and you'll need all the help you can get. A good female divorce financial expert can help you save thousands of dollars and will get you quickly out of trouble.

Family Law Litigation — What You Need To Know

Family law matters are not easy to go through. Divorce, separation, child support and visitation rights are complex legal matters. They are incredibly stressful, both emotionally, financially and legally.

What Are the Advantages of Collaborative Divorce Process

Collaborative Divorce is a structured process for resolving divorce out of court. The entire collaborative process occurs outside of the court system, so no court documents are prepared, filed, or seen by the public or by a judge until the divorce is finalized.

The Role of Financial Expert In Commercial Cases

Harriett Fox, CPA is based in Miami and provides services like Commercial Litigation Support and Complex Commercial Litigation. The Role of Financial Expert In Commercial Cases can help clients and attorneys with Partnership disputes, Business damages & losses and much more.

The Best Forensic Accounting Consultant & Services For Your Needs

The terms “forensic accounting” and “litigation support” are often used interchangeably. Our forensic accounting experts at Harriet Fox CPA provide strategic guidance to resolve high-stakes matters involving fraud, accounting irregularities, & more.

Mediation or Collaborative Divorce: Which is Right for You?

There are two main ways to handle a divorce: you can either go to a mediator or you can choose a collaborative divorce. The right approach is determined by the circumstances of your case, which are unique and vary according to your specific situation.