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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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7 Best Things to Do in Makati - For a splendid holiday!

A short drive from the Manila City centre will bring you to the beautiful Makati, which is a popular city out of the sixteen metropolitan cities which make up Manila district. Here's a list of the awesome things to do out here!


The Ayala Museum

If you want to get well acquainted with the Filipino history and culture, then the Ayala Museum is your calling. A calling you cannot turn down! You will be greeted with some of the best contemporary works from the local artists! As you wander through the different galleries, you will encounter different artefacts and paintings that proudly display and give an insight into the culture, history, customs and tribes of the country! If you're looking for hotels in Makati located close to popular tourist attractions like these, you can check out Berjaya Makati Hotel, for a start.


Rufo's Famous Tapa

Every country has a delightful dish that you ought to try, right? If America got its pancakes and England its blood sausages, then the Philippines has its tapsilog. Wondering what it is? Well, it's a savoury breakfast delight! The sticky beef and the fried garlic rice makes up for a sumptuous meal. And the best restaurant to taste is Rufo's Famous Tapa!


The Mystery Manila

If you would like to be intellectually challenged, then the Mystery Manila is the place to visit. So how does it work? Well, you with your team have to solve a mystery as the clock ticks away. You are first locked in to solve this puzzle and you got an hour to get out! Somewhat like the Escape Room, and you got to try this in Makati for a fun day out!


The Guadalupe Ruins

The busy roads and the tall skyscrapers all represent modernity at its best. However, you'll be quite taken aback to find out that right here in Makati you can visit some seventeenth-century ruins! The place is known as the Guadalupe Ruins which is a collection of four-century-old churches! Besides, these are the most ancient ruins you can find in this country!


Jethro Shooting Range

Want to practice that shot? Well, the Jethro Shooting Range provides a good opportunity. This range was established by the World Speed Shooting Champion, Jethro T. To let out some steam, you can come here with your friends!


Greenbelt Chapel

The best part about this chapel is that it takes after a spaceship. It looks very much like one. Can you imagine? Well, no one can, and that is the reason why you need to head to the Greenbelt Chapel when in Makati.


Elorde Boxing Gym

Makati is full of all kinds of fun activity you can try out. And that's where the Elorde Boxing Gym comes in. You can have a class with a pro who will teach you some tips on how to throw that punch. This class is so much fun, that many people find themselves taking boxing full time once they are back home!

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