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Top 5 Products Released By Manuka Honey USA

Manuka Honey USA is a popular company that offers pure and original Manuka honey. Along with manuka honey, the company releases a list of another products too.
Here's the list of top 5 products.
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Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey from New Zealand (leptospermum scoparium), has been researched for the past 3+ decades by a number of researchers, but the most well-known of them all, was Dr. Peter Molan, of the Waikato University in New Zealand.

Dr. Molan, the pioneer researcher, found that no matter what bacteria you throw at manuka honey, it is going to destroy it naturally, even the much feared MRSA and VRE wound staph infections. All natural Manuka Honey is therefore used by both humans and animals, internally (from acid reflux, to stomach, all the way down to ibs issues), as well as externally, for any opening in the skin, burn, wound, sore, ulcer, scars etc.

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Manuka Honey Syrup

Manuka Honey Syrup

There is only a very limited amount of authentic manuka honey available per year, per season. Remember the manuka flowers only bloom about 2 weeks out of the year!

Since manuka honey is such a rare “breed”, it leaves the door wide open to money greedy individuals, who sell fake manuka honey, adulterated manuka honey, or put a substance into a jar that contains no honey at all, such as are flooding the market from Asia, adding water into a jar, a thickening agent, brown color, caramelized flavor, whip it up and call that liquid “manukahoney”. Where there is money to be made in any type of rare niche product, there is no scarcity of counterfeits.

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Manuka Honey Cream

Manuka Honey Cream

Manuka Honey USA is the first and original Manuka Honey Importer on the US East Coast since 1994, for the past 25+ years. When you purchase Authentic Manuca Honey from our company, you may rest assured, that our Manuka Honey UMF®16+ is UMF® Lab Tested, UMF® Certified and UMF® Licensed. Our UMF® License Number # 2238 is printed ON the label, and the honey is left in its natural form, pure manuka honey, raw manuka honey, unpasteurized manuka honey, and most important authentic manuka honey. If you are looking to purchase Best Manuka Honey Products in the US, you have found the trusted source, located in Orlando Florida.

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Manuka Honey Oil

Manuka Honey Oil

Raw manuka honey is extracted from the flower of the tea tree bush (leptospermum scoparium), whereas manuka oil is extracted from the tiny leaves of the manuka bush, by distillation. When you buy Manuka Oil, you need to look at the concentration in a 1oz container.

100% Pure Manuka Oil is much to potent, when applied to any external surface skin condition. This is why our company only offers the correct solution, which means, our manuka bottle contains a ratio of 10% Manuka Oil, in a 90% almond oil base.

Diluting the pure manuka oil by a factor of 1:10, has shown to be the most beneficial, soothing and coating, when applied to surface skin blemishes for humans and animals, dealing with common skin infections of many kinds.

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Mild Tea Tree Soap

The mild Tea Tree Soap is vegetable based, and is infused with eucalyptus oil, lavender oil and tea tree oil, to give it anti-microbial strength, with aromatic deep cleansing freshness and softness.

Suitable for daily use on entire body for all skin types.

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