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Top 6 experiences in Chengdu – Chief Chengdu attractions

The role Chengdu played during the Han Dynasty was essential for its prosperity, and now the city is important in terms of the economy; its cultural attractions contribute to the growth of tourism.


Chengdu Research Base for Giant Pandas

The research base provides its visitors with not only a chance to look at these laid-back creatures but also an opportunity to involve in their daily routine. The facility was established in 1987 with just 6 animals, and now the number of pandas the centre has rescued comes up to 80, and it has also monitored the birth of 120 pandas. Visitors can also go to the on-site-museum where there's a display of items that are used to ameliorate the panda reproduction problems. However, if you visit the place later in the afternoon, you'll risk seeing sleeping pandas in the place of lively pandas, so, you should plan a morning visit. To make the most of your tour, see that it has the option of holding baby pandas and the option where you'll be tasked with making food for these gentle giants.


Chengdu Culture Park

You find the old Taoist Qingyang Temple in Chengdu Culture Park, which dates back to the period between AD 618 and AD 907. The temple has significance on account of the Pavillion of the Eight Trigrams with eight stone pillars, popular symbols of Chinese culture and intricate carvings of dragons. Here at the park, you'll also find the opera house that hosts the famous event Bian Lian.


The Leshan Giant Buddha

UNESCO declared this particular statue a World Heritage Site on account of its skilful carving. The figurine bears distinction due to the fact that it was carved directly from the stone. With a height of 71 meters, the statue holds significance due it being the largest of its kind in the entire world. The Buddhist monk Haitong who lived around AD 700 began the work of the statue, but after his demise, a few other monks and artists carried on his work up to the completion. Today, the sculpture attracts pilgrims from every corner of the world and also presents itself as a tourist attraction. This also effected the saying 'The mountain is a Buddha, and the Buddha is a mountain'.


West Pearl Tower

There isn't a single Chinese city that is steeped in prosperity without a sky-reaching tower to show for it. Chengdu, following the tradition, has a tower of its own which is known to the world by the name West Pearl Tower. The tower is 339 meters tall and is located within close proximity to Somerset Riverview Chengdu: a name that's evoked by those who are after a Chengdu serviced apartment. It also has an observation deck where visitors can revel in the panoramic views of the city. Opened in 2004, West Pearl Tower has been a tourist attraction ever since; it is chiefly responsible for the crowds that wander the city. A visitor to the tower can enjoy a meal at the highest restaurant in the city. Another highlight found within the tower is an art gallery that displays Chinese calligraphy, pictures and other forms of artwork.


The Cuisine

One of the many draws for tourists is Chengdu's cuisine. The delights of the famous hotpot are far-reaching, and street food is second to none. Many tourists try hotpot for the first time on their tour to Chengdu, and after trying the fiery dish, they retrieve their senses by having a cup of Kung Fu Tea.


Dujiangyan Irrigation System

The irrigation system was constructed in 250 BC as a way to prevent catastrophic flooding in the area. With earth dams that reach out into canals, Dujiangyan Irrigation System irrigates the fields. Thanks to this ingenious creation, the area has avoided the threat of floods for nearly 2,200 years. The system has sparked an interest in tourists and in turn, invites many of them to witness its wonderful effect. Visitors also have the added benefit of visiting the nearby attraction Mount Qingchengsahn.

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