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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
Headline for The top 5 facts about Suzhou for tourists – well worth your attention
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The top 5 facts about Suzhou for tourists – well worth your attention

Travelling to any country or new city for the very first time can be quite daunting as well as exciting. Given below are the top five facts that you will need to know when visiting Suzhou, China.


A fantastic way to get accustomed to Chinese culture

Moving beyond China's more popular and talked about locales such as Beijing and Xi'an, Suzhou is an ideal destination where the brilliance of Chinese culture comes alive in every nook and cranny. Therefore, visitors to this part of the country will be escorted to the very epicenter of local cultural flair comprising of stunning old towns, delectable cuisine, and the popular Kun Opera; a form of opera which is thought to have evolved in this region centuries ago.


Ancient gardens

Suzhou is held in high regard for a number of factors and one of these being that it is scattered with beautiful garden spaces that have been listed as World Heritage Sites. Having seen the light of day during the Qing and Ming Dynasties, areas such as the Humble Administrator's Garden which is categorized as a classical landscape garden and one of the four famous gardens in the country together with the Lion Grove Garden which found its way on to UNESCO's World Heritage List in the year 2000 come off as some of the most sought after.


When to travel?

For starters, make your travel plans so that it does not clash with the local holiday season. This is generally between the months of May and October coupled with the spring festival holidays. Further, coming over after November is ill-advised as this is when temperatures go cold and the weather can be quite gloomy throughout the day. However, the best time to schedule visits to Suzhou is anytime during April and September as warm weather and green gardens would be the order of the day.


Food and beverage

For the avid seafood lover, Suzhou serves up some of the richest and appetizing spreads from the deep, all well prepared but not too hot. Jiangsu fare forms a major part of the area's food scene which dates back to the times of the Qing Dynasty and must be given a go at last once. For example, tucking into some sweet and sour spare ribs might be an excellent way to kick start your culinary cruise in sunny Suzhou. Such offerings are well known for its unparalleled taste, aroma and in general, are extremely good for your health and wellbeing.


Affluent and tech-savvy

Amongst some of China's celebrated cities, Suzhou is known for producing the most laptops in the world and contributes significantly towards the services sector with technological companies dominating its landscape. Therefore, the city brings with it more cutting-edge facilities and amenities for all travellers to take advantage of. Accommodation too cannot be conveniently brushed aside as hotel room rates are quite expensive as is the case with food. Thus, opting for a more affordable form of lodging such as furnished apartments in Suzhou is recommended and amongst the available options, Ascott Midtown Suzhou can be noted down before coming over.