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Top 6 Harbours in the World - Odd but great views

This is quite an odd thing to be interested in but many people in the world do have the love for harbour views. Read on to know about the top harbour views in the world.


The Sydney Harbour Bridge

This iconic harbour Bridge view is what will come to mind when people speak about international and popular harbours. This is one of the most easily recognisable harbours in the world as it has the Opera House in view. Sydney Harbour is also one of the prettiest harbours on earth. If you love looking at a view from a great height then walking up to the iconic Harbour bridge and looking down below will be the best thing to do.


Cape Town South Africa

For a unique view of this popular Harbour in Cape Town, all you have to do is take a ride in a cable car and get to the Summit of the Table mountain. From the top of this mountain, you will get the most amazing views of the harbour and the City below.


The Colombo Harbour

Not as big as the other harbours found on this list the Colombo Harbour still offers an iconic view. To get the best of view of the harbour take a look at it from places like the South Asia Gateway Terminals. The view from the Colombo harbour will give you an amazing backdrop on one side while giving you the City Skyline to take a look at on the other.


The Hong Kong Harbour in China

Also known as the Victoria Harbour the Hongkong Harbour is located in between the mountains of Kowloon and the skyline of Hong Kong Island. There are many viewpoints for you to admire this harbour from. Take a look at the Hong Kong Harbour from the summit of the Victoria peak or also while you are riding the star ferry on the water.


The Mumbai Harbour in India

This Harbour surely does not fall into the same capacity and league as the views found in Cape Town or Sydney but this is a natural Harbour that goes really deep in the city of Mumbai. This natural Harbour is also one of the main reasons Mumbai become India's commercial capital. There are many points in the city for you to admire the Harbour from. The people who want to take a look at all the views of this harbour in of Mumbai usually take a boat ride and explore the Caves found nearby.


The Panama Canal in Panama

This is not a typical harbour you would find in most parts of the world but you definitely must experience the view offered at the Panama Canal on your exploration of the best harbour views of the world. Nothing will match the sight of you looking at amazingly large Ocean liners navigating through the tiny paths found in the canal. As a visitor, you can travel the entire length of the Panama Canal or even take a train ride that offers you various views and perspectives of the canal.

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