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Locate It Direct

Locate It Direct is the supplier of surplus equipment & machinery dedicated to providing you with your ideal pharmaceutical equipment.

Best And Working Used Granulator machines

Locate It Direct is the most trusted and oldest used granulator machine provider. We provide the best and less used granulator and capsule machines. All of our machines are tested and secure you don't have to spend a single penny on our machine all machines are ready to use. Hurry up limited capsule machine for sale.

Used Pharmaceutical Equipment Can Be As Productive As New

The pharmaceutical industry is growing rapidly and manufacturers are always expected to roll out new machines, which can charge you a huge amount of money. Locate it Direct offers you a variety of surplus machinery like Quadro Comil and used pharmaceutical equipment.

Used Pharma Equipment Can Be As Productive As New

The used pharma equipment market is on the rise, allowing you to choose from a large number of products from popular brands at an affordable price. The Used ima synthesis 500 is generally delivered within a short period of time.

Different Ways To Optimize The Process Of Capsule Filling

Capsule filling is a crucial part of the pharmaceutical production process. With the use of the right pharmaceutical equipment and by carefully monitoring the other factors involved in the production, you can optimize the process.

A Complete List Of Equipment Used In Pharmaceutical Processing

Pharmaceutical processing is a complex process and a number of pharmaceutical equipment is used in the processing of pharmaceutical products.

Pharmaceutical Guide: How Are Capsules Manufactured

The capsule manufacturing process can be divided into two basic stages; one where the capsules are made and the other where they are filled with the medicine. The exact process may differ based on the type of pill made.

A Bunch Of Tips On Choosing The Right Pharmaceutical Equipment!

If you are willing to invest in the finest quality pharmaceutical equipment, then you must consider going through a bunch of tips that can help you get the best among many.

Various Factors Affecting The Formulation Process Of Tablets Article - ArticleTed - News and Articles

Tablet formulation depends on a wide range of factors from the particle size of the ingredients to the availability of the equipment. Knowing the various factors you can choose a method that is most effective for tablet formulation.

Common Advantages Associated With Fluid Bed Dryers!

Do you require pharmaceutical equipment with the modular design? Here’s why you need to choose fluid bed dryers or modify this machine to suit your unique applications.

Hard shell gelatin capsules are the most common form of oral dosage these days and precise capsule production is done with the help of the right pharmaceutical equipment and processes.

The Must-Have Features In Your Pharmaceutical Packaging Equipment!

It is always better to know before you go which is why we have mentioned a bunch of essential features that you must look for while buying pharmaceutical packaging equipment.

Pharmaceutical Guide: How Are Hard Capsules Manufactured

You can divide the hard capsule manufacturing into three basic phases; first where the capsule shells are made, second where the medicine is made in the form of powder, granules or mini-tablets and the third where the shells are filled.

Types Of Tablets Manufactured By The Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry produces a number of different tablets depending on their functionalities, mode of administration and depending on the excipients and active ingredients that the drugs carry.

Understanding The Benefits Of Used Processing Equipment

It is important for you to maintain the used processing equipment properly to maximise the productivity. Mechanical polishing, lubrication, and regular cleaning will help keep your machines in check. By following these simple measures you can make your Quadro comil more productive and beneficial.

How Are Tablets Manufactured Through Used Processing Equipment

Pharmaceutical companies manufacture tablets by grinding the ingredients, granulating them and then compressing them into tablets by Pharmaceutical equipment and it further processed inside used processing equipment. They coat the pill to mask the strong odor and package them for sale.

Different Pharmaceutical Equipment Used To Make Tablets

Regardless of whether the tablets are produced by pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food or other types of manufacturers, the process of producing them is similar so the processing equipment they use is also similar.

Understanding The Mechanical Polishing Process For Equipment Care

Mechanical polishing can help achieve a smoother surface for your equipment and make it easy to clean the machines and allows easy sanitization.

Tips To Increase The Life of Any used processing Equipment

Mechanical polishing can help achieve a smoother surface for your used processing equipment and make it easy to clean the machines and allows easy sanitization. These helpful tips can increase the life of your equipments.

Different Equipment Involved In Capsule Manufacturing

So they perform mechanical polishing using various equipment like abrasive wheels and polishing tapes.

The Many Benefits Of Buying Used Processing Equipment Over Renting

Buying preowned used processing equipment has its own benefit over renting and it can effectively impact your pharmaceutical production.

Pharmaceutical equipment is designed for precision to meet safety standards set by medical regulatory bodies. This quality is necessary but makes capsule fillers, that’s why many manufacturers turn to used equipment.

Well Tested And Efficient Used Processing Equipment

Are you searching for used granulator, If yes you should buy it from Locate It Direct. We are most trusted old machines provider. All of our machine are efficient and tested like new. With that you can also buy used processing equipment for your production line.