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Updated by Joanna James on Dec 17, 2019
Headline for Ultimate Packing List for Maldives- What to Pack for Maldives? -The tell-all that you must read!
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Ultimate Packing List for Maldives- What to Pack for Maldives? -The tell-all that you must read!

Forget everything from picking a spot to actually planning an itinerary to making reservations- the worst nightmare about travelling, if you ask most people, is packing! Between including the essentials for your trip and ensuring a sufficient wardrobe, here are our best tips on packing for the Maldives!


Pack plenty of Sunscreen

Now, this is a question that you would be surprised by how often it comes up. Why, yes, a trip to the Maldives absolutely does need as much sunscreen as they say you would and no, trying to avoid the sun when in the Maldives is, should we say, a little beyond hysterical, especially if you are intending to go down during the season. Considering the Maldives is a tropical destination, it is only understandable that the intensity of sunrays are is quite overwhelming for most skin types and hence makes a lot of sense to always be prepared with your sunscreen.


Surely, s a Sunhat

How else could you possibly fabricate the ideal 'tropical holiday' outlook without the sunhat to complement? Not only does it make you look all fancy, but it also does you immense good in protecting you from the harmful UV rays that you are very likely to be exposed to for prolonged periods especially considering you are at a tropical destination such as the Maldives. Although it does feel like buying one at a giftshop is much easier to overlook the hassle of packing- the second you hear the abominable rates, you might think otherwise!


Sunglasses- for the love of prolonged sight

Now, when you are on vacation, you don't want to flash your corneas with intense UV rays so let's make sure to carry on your sunglasses as well. We would recommend a pair of polaroid glasses that come with good backing by your optician!


Dry-Bags are a must have!

A set of waterproof dry-bags could truly be a life saver when on vacation- specially on the beach side at a Maldives beach resort. Their design and material ensure that your valuables remain unscathed by the salty waters (or if you are a clumsy one like me, even drinks!). You need not worry about constantly damaging your equipment when on holiday should you be wise enough to make some space for some much-needed dry bags!


Wet Bags can help too!

Now when going to a beach destination which is spectacular like the Maldives is, it is needless to say that the majority of the time, you are bound to be spending in the waters- beach or pool, like it as you may, especially considering how freely available such options are at places like the Hard Rock Hotel Maldives! However, what can be painful about this is the wet load of clothes that need being carried back to your hotel room! Hence, to make life easier for yourself, make sure to invest in a trusty wet bag that shall serve you loyally!


Underwater Camera

Make sure to document some of that splendid underwater life on your Maldivian adventure with your underwater camera- as sights like that are worth reminiscing over for a lifetime! The clear blue waters and its immensely diverse marine life are unique and sensational and definitely make for a memoir worth capturing!


Plenty of Swimwear!

Ladies and gentlemen, the highlight of your trip is definitely bound to be the turqiouse waters and hence make sure to not miss out on a chance to splash around in some 'vitamin sea'- so pack generously with your swimwear!

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