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Marine Life in The Maldives- The Underworld Wonder!

If there is one thing that is clearer than the blue skies of the Maldives it is that it certainly is paradise on earth. It is everything that is miraculous on earth and worth exploring every bit of the way! If you did not already know, the marine life in the Maldives is just as luscious too!


A Variety of Rays!

One of the most exciting things about the Maldives has got to be its collection of different types of rays! They are often spotted quite closer to the surface as they flap their fins and make a leap into the air. They often swim around in large groups. The most prominent kind of ray around here is the manta ray which can easily reach up to 7 meters in length and make flying underwater seem seamless more than ever! Eagle rays are not unheard of either. They are quite distinct as they are covered in white spots all over their dark colored bodies. Although it only generally takes half the size of a manta ray, they tend to stand out more considering their patterned skin.


Whale Sharks

The Maldives is quite famous world over for a healthy population of whale sharks as opposed to the entire rest of the world. The interesting fact about the whale sharks is that despite the fact that they could grow up to be of massive sizes and weights, they are barely a threat to the humans. They prefer to feed on the plankton as well as some of the smaller vertebrates. They are said to play a stunning role in sustaining the marine life that surrounds the Maldives.



Hammerheads and blacktip reef sharks are quite commonly found surrounding the Maldives. As you can probably imagine, swimming with a school of hammerheads can be quite the exhilarating experience and therefore, should it be within your budget limits, make sure to try it out.


Parrot Fish

Thank heavens the sands of the Maldives is paint-white, or we might not be entirely capable of relishing in how beautiful and extraordinarily colorful these parrot fish are!


Sea Turtles

These modest creatures are an absolute delight that can be found on most every island of the 'dives. As you can probably imagine, or already even know, snorkeling with them is the best thing ever!



You Do you know how friendly the locals of Maldives can be? Well their dolphins are friendlier! Just like the sea turtles of the Maldives, dolphins are quite commonly found here too. Your best chances of spotting them are possibly during a ferry ride to your Maldives luxury resort or even during a designated dolphin watching tour such as those on offer by Hard Rock Hotel Maldives.



They look nothing like the spookier version of a clown that you are probably thinking of! They are simply known as 'Clownfish' considering their distinctive orange body color striped with white bars.



The angelfish are commonly spotted around the riffs, possibly considering the strong currents around the area. They generally take on vibrant yellow and blue hues and are quite often spotted due to the radiance of the colors.

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