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Updated by aussiecamphor on Aug 06, 2020
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Looking For Good Quality Timber For Your DIY Project? Buy It From Aussie Camphor

Aussie Camphor is owned by David Anderson, a carpenter with over 35 years’ experience in the custom furniture industry. With David’s many years of experience behind him he will be able to offer you guidance and advice on your next DIY job, assisting you in acquiring your desired timber slab, or take the hard work out for you and cut your slab to your own specific requirements and needs.

Camphor timber slab | Aussie camphor | Queensland

Aussiecamphor specialises in;
· Camphor Timber slab, timber top sale
· Vanity Cupboards in a 2 pack finish
· Stunning kitchen and bar tops
· Chopping boards - bulk orders or one offs
· Dressing and cutting your purchased timber slab

Looking For Good Quality Timber For Your DIY Project? Buy It From Aussie Camphor

(Queensland, January 03, 2020) Determining a reliable timber supplier can be a little more complicated than it sounds. With Aussie Camphor in the market, it is easy to get hands-on good quality timber. Their showroom has a wide variety of wood so one can visit them and decide what type of quality and feel suits their requirements the best. Their staff is knowledgeable and friendly. They will help you to find the right kind of timber as per your requirement.  About Aussie Camphor Based...

Bring Your Dream Deck To Life With Timber Slabs - Furniture supply Custom Furniture

Timber is one of the most highly preferred materials when it comes to any home improvement project. The versatility of this material allows it to be installed for various purposes.

How to be a smart shopper while selecting kitchen cabinets? - Furniture supply Custom Furniture

One most important thing to keep in mind is that your cabinets will have the highest visual impact on your kitchen. Usually, medium-sized kitchen cabinets are mounted on the walls

Timber Slab - Types Of Timber And Popular Applications | WorldSupporter Blogs

Timber is one of the most popular woods and is often used for tabletops. As the popularity of timber is on the rise many people have begun using timber slabs for a wide range of architectural projects. One of the biggest advantages of using timber is that it gives the furniture a great deal of character.

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All of us require furniture of some kind at some stage. This may be interior or exterior of a house or for an office. There are many benefits of opting to sele…

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Wood is simply beautiful. It is not only visually appealing but even its presence brings warmth to your house. Over the past years, wood/ timber has become a versatile material in

Put Your Creative Hat On And Incorporate Natural Accents In Your House With Timber Slabs | The News Funnel

Pick any luxurious home and you will notice one common thing: wooden accents complementing the rest of the interior design. Whether it is a small coffee table of flooring, the versatility of timber makes it one of the most popular materials in the world of interior designing. When you are designing your home, there are so many ways you could use timber slabs. Using wood will add instant grace and class to the interiors of your home.

Custom Made Timber Furniture Gold Coast, Brisbane

We specialise in designing custom-made timber furniture in the Gold Coast, Brisbane. Give us a call at 0457 686 622 for design custom timber furniture.

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How to improve the aesthetics in your dining area? If you are looking to upgrade your humble abode progressively, you need to take a note on a lot of things. Be it your living room

Should You Choose Wooden Furniture For Your Home? | | Werk

Your home is a reflection of your lifestyle and personal style. You design and decorate it to make sure it stands out and looks unique. When it comes to exquisitely, nothing resonates quite like custom made timber furniture. Timber is one such material that speaks class and looks unique. Something that makes it a very sought after material is its versatile feature. Timber slabs can be transformed into any furniture piece of your choice. Once you work with timber, you will come to know why custom made timber furniture is so popular in Brisbane. The way you nurture your house is the way you choose to express yourself to the outer world. So why not design bespoke furniture that matches your style?

Bring Your Dream Deck To Life With Timber Slabs - Furniture supply Custom Furniture

Timber is one of the most highly preferred materials when it comes to any home improvement project. The versatility of this material allows it to be installed for various purposes.

Custom Furniture: The Art Of Personalisation

Setting up a home, be it a new home that you just moved into or a...

Why Are Wooden Cutting Boards Better For You And Your Family? | Otao Kitchen

A cutting board is a ton like a mattress—belittle the significance of getting a quality one, and you'll think twice about it. It is the essential work surface in your kitchen, where you dice onions, cut up raw chicken and many more. A great deal goes into choosing a decent cutting board in Brisbane, however, don't you stress, we've done the majority of the legwork for you in our...

Kitchen Countertop Basics! How Do You Select The Best Material For Your Kitchen Countertop!

Go out to shop for kitchen tops in Brisbane and you may feel overwhelmed by the number of decisions and choices you might have to make.

Looking to customise your furniture- try timber! | | Werk

Planning for new furniture is a dream for many homeowners but, there are several factors to consider before taking off to your nearest furniture store. It is vital to first consider all the options available before setting out to purchasing your furniture items. Some of the popular options include checking online stores, visiting a local furniture shop or approaching a specialist to build custom furniture. There are many advantages of opting for custom furniture since this way one has more control over the design and style. Custom-designed furniture means one can have specially designed furniture that is custom built to serve a special purpose.

Timber Slabs For Sale Melbourne | Timber Slabs Geelong

Aussie Camphor is Australia's leading company for timber slabs on sale in Geelong, Melbourne. Get a premium collection of top timber slabs. Contact today!

Custom Timber Furniture Melbourne | Aussiecamphor | Call 0457686622

Looking for customised timber furniture in Melbourne? Now design your furniture as per your needs with our top quality timber in Melbourne.

Popular Types of Timber Slabs and the Unique Methods in Which They can be Used – Timber

Wood is one of the most popular building materials and is often used for many different types of furniture items as well. It is useful to build a wide range of architectural projects, the major advantage being it adds a sense of character to the furniture items. Some of the other advantages of using timber include that it is energy efficient, and durable. The fact that the furniture designed using timber is usually long-lasting is an added advantage. This article goes on to describe the types of popular timbers and their applications. It is a must-read for those searching for timber slabs for sale in Melbourne.