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Data Cleansing and its Importance

Data Cleansing and its Importance

Data cleansing ensures you have the most recently updated files, so when you need any important document, you can find it with ease. It also helps to make sure that you do not have all the personal information on your computer, which can be a security risk. Know more: Why Data Cleansing is Important for your Business


Smart CRM Strategies to Nurture Your Leads

Smart CRM Strategies to Nurture Your Leads

By using the right CRM, you can increase your sales productivity-allowing you to acquire more deals, maximize sales, predict accuracy, and also improve real-time decisions. Read this blog to know the best strategies for nurturing leads using CRM. Know more: Effective CRM Strategies to Nurture Your Leads


Technographics for Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

Technographics for Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

Technographics is the segmentation based on technology. Segmentation leads to personalization. And personalization leads to enhanced customer acquisition and retention. Read this blog to know 4 such ways that advocate technographics in your marketing strategies. Know more: Data-Driven Marketers Toolbox


Integrate Chatbots into B2B Marketing Strategy

Integrate Chatbots into B2B Marketing Strategy

Over the last few years, chatbots have undergone significant improvements, thanks to natural language processing and AI (Artificial Intelligence) that run them. By integrating chatbots in your marketing tactics, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about your consumers, devise your marketing efforts, extend your consumer base, and earn revenues from your brand’s social media profiles. Know more: Chatbots for B2B Marketing Strategy


Proven B2B Sales Tactics to Produce More Leads

Proven B2B Sales Tactics to Produce More Leads

Emerging your B2B sales in the right way will ultimately help you to get more businesses. That’s why it’s significant to change the way you approachlead generation and think about building a relationship instead of closing sales. Know more: Marketing Strategies to Increase B2B Sales


Important CRM trends and Statistics You Should Know in 2020

Important CRM trends and Statistics You Should Know in 2020

In 2020, more industries will be using CRM to eliminate and automate what they don’t want to deal with while getting result from other responsibility. Hence to maximize your results, implement these trends, and create a path toward success. Know more: Top CRM trends and Statistics You Should Know in 2020


Email Marketing Tips to Increase B2B Leads

Email Marketing Tips to Increase B2B Leads

Email is one of the most effective methods of digital marketing. According to statistics, 60% of marketers stated that email marketing outperforms social media, and the reason is that it is highly engaging. It can drive more traffic to your website and generate more conversions. Know more: How to Generate Leads Using Email Marketing

Understanding the Sales Funnel Dynamics: ToFU, MoFu and BoFu

The journey of a potential customer from showing interest in a product to making a purchase forms the sales funnel. There should always be good understanding of sales funnel. Top of the funnel- TOFU, that helps to generate more leads so that will be helpful for the sales team to increase the conversions. Middle of the Funnel is MOFU that helps to generate high quality leads to flow your sales funnel, which is again useful. Now coming to the Bottom of the Funnel – BOFU- When you have a healthy collection of leads who are most likely to buy, you move to the bottom of the funnel (BoFu). At the BoFu, you can showcase your product and demonstrate how it works, describe its features, benefits, and how it is better than the competitors in the market.

Learn more to understand: Understanding the Sales Funnel Dynamics: ToFU, MoFu and BoFu


Avoid These 7 Spam Words to Up Your Email Marketing Game

Avoid These 7 Spam Words to Up Your Email Marketing Game

Email Marketing is the primary focus for lead generation. But just because you’re sending lots of emails doesn’t necessarily mean they are effective for sure. Some of your emails might be getting marked as spam. Landing on your subscriber’s spam folder instead of the main inbox is a huge waste of your time and effort. Plus, it affects your online presence. While no legitimate business would mail spam content, it actually occurs quite often. According to a study, spam emails cost companies about 20.5 billion USD every year.
There are various aspects of emails that trigger spam detection and triggering words is one of them. so we have to be very careful while doing the Email campaign.
Learn more to understand- Avoid These 7 Spam Words to Up Your Email Marketing Game.

7 Best CRM Software For Marketing in 2020

CRM is widely used across many organizations as it helps in building the right relationship with customers. Maintaining good relations with customers has become increasingly important, and CRM guides in this arena by capturing the relevant customer data and later interpreting it accurately. There are many CRMs available in the market, but as a marketer, you have to choose the best that aligns with the requirements of your business and also within your budget.

Check out the list of 7 Best CRM for Marketing in 2020

9 Marketing Automation Trends and Growth Statistics in 2020 - TDInsights

The elixir of marketing automation has been widely discussed by the industry experts and professionals across the world. So, if you have not implemented it, then you are sabotaging your own marketing effort!!!!

There are enough statistics and reports that claim that marketing automation is the future of marketing. It’s the need of the hour for businesses to adopt marketing automation; otherwise, they would soon find themselves obsolete in the market. When your competitors would be gaining good revenue and sales from automation, you would surely like not to be left behind.

Read more to learn 9 Marketing Automation Trends and Growth Statistics in 2020

How to Build a Massive Email List Fast: 16 Proven Ways

An email list is the assemblage of email addresses of prospects who have signed up for your newsletter, emails, or other forms of content for developing relationships, marketing and selling.

The mailing list is the source of revenue for the marketing and sales team, as it has the relevant information of the prospects across the world. The database includes mailing address, designation, email address, etc. that helps to reach the right prospect at the right time. Visit us to learn more.


Benefits of Buying an Email List

Benefits of Buying an Email List

If you want to grow your business, then you should be acquiring the right B2B Data solutions!!! In B2B marketing, a validated and verified mailing list is the facilitator to start the best conversation with the potential customers. There are many advantages of integrating a high-quality targeted email list. Find out some of the significant benefits of Buying an Email List - Reaching out to a Global Audience, saving ample time, increasing the number of leads, business expansion etc.
Even while purchasing a mailing list some of the things we should keep in mind like knowing the source of data, price of mailing list, asking the sample data.

Buying targeted email lists drives your organization to achieve a good number of sales and revenue. It can help you reap enviable business results in a short time.

7 Common Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

Whether you are a small-sized business or a large enterprise, email marketing can help any business to earn the required revenue and sales. If you are not making enough right now, then probably you are not implementing it right in your email campaign. There are some common Email Marketing Mistakes that should be avoided, that might be helpful for the success of your campaign.
some of the Common Email Marketing Mistakes are Non-personalized Emails, Sending too Many Emails, Not executing the Segmentation of Subscribers, Not executing the Campaign at the Right Time, Not planning the actual CTA, Not making it Mobile-Responsive and An Unattractive Subject Line.
The above blog discusses the common email marketing mistakes which many marketers make while sending emails. So, avoid falling in these pitfalls at any cost, as your complete effort will go down the drain.
Visit us to learn more about Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid.

How Covid-19 has impacted the B2B Tech Spending Pattern

Covid-19 has forced organizations to adopt a new business pattern. In the upcoming months, the market would also see a new spending pattern by these organizations. Most of these B2B organizations agree COVID-19 would make them cut or just maintain the spending, instead of accelerating the spending process. Companies have been carefully analyzing and reducing the b2b enterprise software spending to overcome the fallout of COVID-19.
The Covid-19 crisis has impacted various sectors on a different level. Construction, retail, and the hospitality industry have been worst hit. While the rest of the sectors, such as the government, non-profit, telecommunications, education, insurance are likely to see more spending. Even the technology companies are working on the advanced technologies to provide better customer service.
The above blog discusses how Covid-19 has impacted the B2B Tech Spending Pattern. B2B companies have to identify these opportunities and increase the spending on the same, to gain the right business benefits.
Visit us to learn more about the impact on B2B companies due to Covid-19.

How to Build an Email Marketing Funnel for Conversions

Email marketing is one of the trustworthy forms of marketing approaches. From past years Marketers attracts the prospects to become subscribers and then convert them into loyal customers, but they are not getting the good conversions. So How to Build an Email Marketing Funnel for Conversions? For that we have to understand about the Email Marketing funnel. The email marketing funnel is about the entire journey in which the prospect is converted into customer via various content forms such as whitepaper, blogs, infographics, newsletter, etc. through email. The 4 main stages of the Email Marketing are- Engagement, Discovery, purchase and Retention.
The email marketing funnel is executed by sending a series of email at regular intervals to the prospective customers. These emails could revolve around various forms of content. So as you observe in the image, the funnel starts with the gathering of the subscribers from the landing page and forms. Then you proceed by sending emails on a timely basis to these subscribers. The high-quality educational content aligned with their interest help to build the trust among the subscribers. It helps to convert them into a loyal customer.
B2B companies have to identify these opportunities and increase the spending on the same, to gain the right business benefits.
Visit us to learn more about the Benefits of building an Email Marketing Funnel

16 Best Lead Generation Tools for your Business in 2020

The lead generation process is crucial for any organization. There are many lead generation tools available in the market to generate the right leads, but one should choose the best one as per the requirements of the organization.
In 2020, marketers would sort out the right lead tool for their marketing campaign. We have picked some of the best lead generation tools that can help you in the process, and leverage your marketing approach. List of 16 Best Lead Generation Tools for your Business in 2020: Hubspot marketing, Intercom, Survey AnyPlace, Proof, Qualaroo, Hotjar, Formisimo, Mailshake, Hellobar, Typer form, turnstile by wistia, Clearbit, TDInsights,,,
The above blog summarizes some of the top lead generation tools of 2020 that could help you generate high quality leads for conversions and earn the right revenue.
Visit us to learn more about the Best Lead Generation Tools for your Business in 2020


How Can Email Marketing Automation Increase Revenue?

How Can Email Marketing Automation Increase Revenue?

The majority of the marketers consider email marketing as the lifeline of the marketing campaign. While email marketing has penetrated deep into the process of every organization, the amalgamation of email marketing and automation is further going to make a more substantial impact in the industry. The popularity of email marketing automation is bound to increase in the coming years, as businesses look to amplify their revenue.
Here you can find some of the ways how email marketing automation is benefiting businesses: It helps to nurture the leads for making them sales-ready, aligning your strategy with customer buying pattern, retaining existing customer etc.
The above blog chalks out some of the crucial ways, in which email marketing automation can be used in organizations. It would not only help businesses to streamline their marketing approach but also help to increase revenue.
Visit us to learn more about How Can Email Marketing Automation Increase Revenue

11 Crucial Sales Metrics for Every B2B Organization

B2B marketing is a challenging field where it is difficult to convert a high number of leads. If you are among them, then you are at the right place. This blog would give you a deeper understanding to increase the sales by dissecting the process, and the metrics for analyzing it. Sales metrics are key performance indicator that helps to understand the overall performance of the sales process.
The below sales metrics help to understand where you are getting wrong and work on the same to improvise. The 11 Crucial Sales Metrics are: Total number of sales, profit from a sale, the number of opportunities created, new sales, net promoter score, average lifetime value of the customer, important interactions, productivity metrics, response time from each of the leads, sales of different services & products and churn rate.
The above sales metrics could make their task easier by guiding them on the right path and producing the desired results.
Check out the blog here:

Thanksgiving Email Strategies to Help You Stand Out

Thanksgiving is all about celebrating and enjoying the rich harvest. We all should be thankful to the almighty for giving us the necessities of life.
This Thanksgiving Day, as a marketer, you should find innovative ways to thank your customers, employees, and all who made it possible to keep your process going. In addition to that, it becomes difficult to reach out to them through any channel as they are busy having a good time with their families and friends.
So, what should a marketer do?
They should leverage their Thanksgiving email marketing strategy. And this can happen if they completely understand their customer. They need to design the best emails to attract the prospect’s attention.
The above blog has some of the best tactics that could help you out in this mission. You can integrate the same in your campaign and reap the right results.
Visit us to learn more about Thanksgiving Email Strategies to Help You Stand Out.

7 Christmas Campaign Ideas for B2B Organization

"CHRISTMAS – celebrated by 160+ countries across the globe, is one of the most crucial periods in the financial calendar for B2C companies. But what about B2B industries? Does it present an opportunity for B2B too? Well, yes, it does!

Christmas holiday hype is impossible to avoid in any segment. During Christmas, marketers fill our TV and mobile screens with offers and adverts.

As a result, U.S. households spent an average of $1,536 on the Christmas holidays in 2018 alone. And, it is expected to cross $1 trillion for the first time in 2019, according to the eMarketer report."

Read more: b2b christmas campaigns ideas

How Can B2B Intent Data help Marketing and Sales Team?

B2B intent data is the psychological data of the user that helps understand what keeps them motivated to purchase a specific product or service. The intent data is necessary to have the right business conversation with the potential customer. As a marketer, you should have the basic idea of the customer whom you are going to approach.
Intent data not only gives you the idea about the preferences of the customer, but also, gives insights about what the user might purchase in the future. It makes the marketer or sales representatives clear about the intentions of the customer. Some of the Common uses of Intent Data are: A right verbal and written communication, advertising with the right targeted approach, filtering out the account lists, bang on content etc.
With time, the usage of intent data will increase in B2B organizations to save the time and effort of employees and for the benefit of the organization.
Visit us to learn more about How B2B Intent Data help Marketing and Sales Team?


Buyers Guide: 10 Questions to Ask Your Data Vendor

Buyers Guide: 10 Questions to Ask Your Data Vendor

The right data provider is the one that fills your marketing gap in reaching out to the right customers. All the organizations seek the right b2b marketing data. Some succeed in getting the best data, while others could not make it. The best way to have the right service is asking the real-time questions to your potential service provider. Ask the relevant questions to your data vendor before acquiring their service. Also, all the data should be collected from the best sources so that it helps meet the goals of the user. A service provider needs to be strict in this aspect and collect data from valid sources. This could save you ample time, money and effort. With proper verification, you could benefit in the long run.
Check out the 10 questions to ask your data vendor and succeed in getting the best data.

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing

Email marketing acts as a perfect revenue-generator for an organization. The channel connects with the convertible customers at the right time. But, you need to leverage the email campaign with the best strategy. This e-book covers some of the proven email marketing tactics and strategies that could yield desired results, when implemented in your process. Check out the ebook and understand how email marketing helps to develop a strategy and setup email automation and measure the performance.

How B2B Data-Driven Lead Generation helps to Increase Revenue

Every marketer, at some point, has faced the challenge of increasing revenue. While there is no fixed approach or tactics to resolve it, the recent data-driven practice is proving helpful for many.
It is helping improve customer experience, the buying journey, the lead generation process, and much more. The technique also offers the relevant statistics, facts with numbers so that marketers can refer to, and plan their marketing strategy with ease.
This white paper guides you with all the b2b lead generation processes driven by the data, such as segmentation, personalization, and the benefits from the same. It also discusses how the sales team could achieve its target. Scan through all the tricks mentioned in the guide and integrate what you think is feasible with your process. The right ones could surely drive your revenue in a precise direction.