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Digital Marketing & Branding

Get insights into Digital Marketing & Branding

What is Niche Market - How to Choose Profitable Niches | Digitoly

In order to succeed in affiliate marketing and digital entrepreneurship it is important to find and work in a profitable niche market.

What to Look For While Buying a New Smartphone | Digitoly

Are you buying a new smartphone? Great, But you shouldn't forget to checkout these important things before you go for buying a new smartphone.

Importance of Logo in Branding & Marketing | Digitoly

The importance of Logo in branding and marketing is clearly evident from the fact that every company has a unique logo of its own.

Digital Marketing Strategy to Increase Sales | Digitoly

Start with your website, and then work on the next steps discussed in this post to build your digital marketing strategy to increase sales.

Personal Branding - What is it and How to Start | Digitoly

Personal branding is quite necessary in the present time. Your personal brand defines how you are recognised in the industry.

What is Difference Between a Content Writer and Copywriter | Digitoly

For most of the world, there is no difference between a content writer and copywriter, but here we have demystified the difference between the two.

How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing | Digitoly

Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing job markets and to start a career in Digital Marketing you need to have certain skills. Read to know more.

13 Email Marketing Trends You Should Know About | Digitoly

It's alwasy good to know and change your marketing as per the trends and same goes true for the email marketing treands. Know 13 Email Marketing Trends here

How to Keep Kids Safe Online | Digitoly

It is important and necessary for parents to keep kids safe online as they would keep them safe in physical world. These tips will keep kids safe online

What is Content Writing - Everything You Need to Know | Digitoly

Content writing is the process of creating content for the consumption of the people who want to get information on a particular subject.

62 Free Directory Submission Sites to Drive Huge Traffic | Digitoly

Here are 62 hand-picked, Free Directory Submission Sites you can use to add your website/blog and get a backlink plus relevant traffic for your website.

Brand Ambassadors 2019 India - Completely Updated List | Digitoly

If you want to know the list of the Brand Ambassadors 2019 India then you should go through this most updated list. Use this list to update your knowledge.

How to Build Effective Content Marketing Strategy | Digitoly

An effective content marketing strategy is the backbone of online marketing and these tips would help you create effective content marketing strategy.

Social Bookmarking Websites to Boost SEO and Drive Traffic | Digitoly

Social Bookmarking Websites play a significant role in creating high-quality backlinks for boosting SEO efforts. Make use of this list for your SEO backlink

How to Remove Negative Information from Internet | Digitoly

It is important to remove negative information from internet if it is hurting your or your brand's reputation and this guide will help you do that perfectly

Native Ads - Everything You Need to Know About | Digitoly

Native ads has many different forms and features. It can be the most ideal way of advertising for the brands to engage customers with the most relevant ads.

How to Build Your Social Media Marketing Strategy | Digitoly

The key to success on Social Media is to have a well-thought-out Social Media Marketing Strategy with realistic goals. Get help with post to make yours.

How to Turn Around Dipping Sales - Practical Tips | Digitoly

Nothing is worse in a business than seeing a dipping sales. Here are the practical tips to turn around dipping sales and grow your business.

Online Lead Generation Techniques That Works Like Magic | Digitoly

Effective Online lead generation techniques is what makes the difference in a successful business and the opposite. These tips would help. Check out!

High PR Social Bookmarking Sites (2019) | Digitoly

With this post and the list of the high PR social bookmarking sites you will be able to get more high-quality backlinks for your website and blog.

Instagram Marketing - How to Get it Right | Digitoly

Instagram is a good platform to connect with your audience but you need to have a strong and meaningful content and Instagram marketing strategy to do so.

How to Make an Effective Digital Workplace | Digitoly

Modern businesses require an effective digital workplace to survive and thrive. Here are some handly tools which can help build effective digital workplace.

Online Reputation Management - Why Should You Care About It? | Digitoly

In the age of internet where people make their buying decisions online reputation management is of utmost importance and you should care about it.

Semantic Search: What it is and How it Impacts Your SEO | Digitoly

This post will help you Build Strong Semantic Search Strategy and create content using LSI keywords which will make your content appear better in SERPs.

Pay Per Click Marketing: How to Get Best Results? | Digitoly

Pay Per Click marketing is tangible and 100% data-driven. It is the fastest method to grow your customer base and gain leads, convert them quickly.