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Top 05 Things To Do In Xi’an – Discover Ancient Splendours!

The name Xi'an translates to peace in the west; and is one of China's most visited cities. Rich in history Xi'an was home to the Qin, Zhou, Han, Tang and Sui dynasties. A pretty city and best place to absorb traditional Chinese culture, listed in this article are top things to do in Xi'an.


Visit The Terracotta Warriors

No one should leave Xi'an without having explored the world famous Terracotta Warriors and Horse Museum; after all, it's the city's most iconic attraction. The place well compounds all those pictures you have seen depicting China and will have an overwhelming effect. The warriors were discovered in 1974 by a farmer trying to dig a well and is now an international class attraction which millions visit. You will find the museum is located to the east of the Xi'an city centre, about 55 minutes from Grand Park Xian if you are looking for centrally located hotels.


Explore The Xi'an City Wall

Noted as one of the world's oldest and largest surviving vintage military defence walls the Xi'an City Wall is a must visit. First built during the Tang Dynasty (618-907) the wall was expanded during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Today this unique, fully-completed, city wall stands at a height of 12 metres is 14 metres wide and spans a distance of 14kms; guarded by a deep trench surrounding the wall. The South Gate is the most popular point of the wall along which you can cycle if you choose to.


Discover The Allures Of The Xi'an Muslim Quarter

On the northern edge of the Drum Wall you will discover the Xi'an Muslim Quarter. There you can explore the Muslim precinct as well as browse the interesting bazaar where you can shop for a wide range of goodies at some very reasonable prices. Enjoy walking along the colourful streets, observing the people and lifestyles. There you can visit the Great Mosque; which is designed in typical Chinese architectural styles sans a few Arabic characters adorning the walls. You can also find all kinds of Xian restaurants.


The Drum Tower And Bell Tower

Starting with the Ming Dynasty, every city in China was fitted with a Drum Tower and a Bell Tower. In days of yore, the bell was rung to herald the dawn while the drum beat signalled dusk. Xi'an's drum and bell towers are from the Ming Dynasty; each tower is located within the city centre and acts as an intersection between the northern, western, eastern and southern points of the wall; head to the top of the drum tower for expansive views of the Muslim Quarter.


The Stone Steles Forest

Built in 1087 and located within what was once a Confucian Temple, The Forest Of Stone Steles Museum is at the south gate of Xi'an. Spanning across 30,000sqmtrs the place is lauded as the hub for vintage Chines stone carvings. The museum is also a pivotal spot for discovering the work of China's ancient calligraphers. The area boasts a vibrant history of over 900 years and is ideal for the culture buff to explore.

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