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Top 05 Places To Visit In Xi’An – For Ancient Allures!

Starting with the Terracotta Warriors the attractions in Xi'an are centred on the city's rich history and well preserved artefacts. In this article, you will discover the top places to visit in Xi'an for a very memorable step back in time to when China was ruled by mighty dynasties.


The Great Mosque And Muslim Quarter

The Museum of the Terracotta Warriors will be quite a discovery as you bring to life all those iconic images of China you often see. Discovered in the '70s by a farmer attempting to dig a well, the warriors are a fine symbol of Xi'an's position as a stronghold for the ancient dynasties, since the soldiers are placed as guards to protect the tomb of united Chinas first Emperor Qin Shi Huang. The site is recorded as one of the world's greatest archaeological discoveries. The museum is located less than an hour from Grand Park Xian one amongst the centrally placed Xi An China hotels.


The Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Constructed during the Tang Dynasty the pagoda was used for the study scriptures pertaining to Buddhism. Over the years the pagoda has been ravaged by weather, war and other elements, yet stands tall due to the preservation work carried out over the centuries. The structure is considered a marvel of ancient architecture and was built with brick minus the cement. The pagoda when first built in 652 AD and consisted of 5 stories; which was later enhanced during the Ming Dynasty to a height of 64 metres and 7 stories.


The Drum Tower And Bell Tower

During the Ming Dynasty, all cities in China were equipped with a bell tower and drum tower. The Drum Tower in Xi'an was built in 1380 and consisted of a huge drum located inside the tower, which was beaten at dusk to inform everyone of the approaching hour. The bell tower too was initiated for the same purpose, with the bell rung to inform people of dawn approaching. The two towers are located within the city wall and are enhanced with many vintage architectural features.


The Great Mosque And Muslim Quarter

The Muslim Quarter will turn out to be a very interesting place to explore. Visit the bazaar there for its vibrant collection of goodies sold at very cheap prices; ideal for hunting and discovering souvenirs. Walk around and savour the traditional architectural styles, the local food sold by roadside vendors, observe the people and customs. The Great Mosque is not to be missed. Located within the Muslim Quarter this mosque is built in typical Chinese architectural styles with Arabic figures on the walls.


The Tang Dynasty Show

Savour the delights of the Tang Dynasty by taking in a show depicting the dance, art and music of the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907). The customs and artistic allures of the dynasty are displayed via the very talented performers of the show. The Tang Dynasty was the most eloquent of the 13 dynasties which ruled Xi'an and you won't regret spending a few hours enjoying the show.

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