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The 7 best beaches in Oman – Some of the best tourist attractions of Oman

Oman is the hidden gem of the Middle East; it's not the sort of destination that pops into your mind in a hurry. But the 1,700 km long coastline and the amazing mountains are well worth a visit.


Mughsayl Beach –

Located on the coastline of southern Oman, Mughsayl Beach usually escapes the radar. Despite the fact that the beach is, in fact, located in the Middle East, it has quite the Caribbean feel which is quite unmistakable. The banana trees, the coconut groves and the sleepy atmosphere give out a laid-back feeling. The synthesis of cliff mountains that back the beach and the serene atmosphere render Mughsayl Beach a must-visit.


Khalouf Beach –

Located south of Muscat, Khalouf Beach isn't the type of beach that gets crowded with people. Given that most tourists would rather visit the beaches that easily accessible from places like Somerset Panorama Muscat, they tend to overlook this particular beach. However, what most travellers don't take into account is its sand dunes where they can play in; this is particularly appealing if you are on holiday with your kids. If wildlife is the aspect you appreciate the most about a tourist destination, you are in luck, at Khalouf Beach you can do plenty of animal spotting; to be specific, you'll sight many eagles and flamingoes about the place.


Al Qurum –

When compared to other capital cities that are usually commercialized, which in turn robs the nature element of a place, Muscat is all for preserving natural beauty; as a result, the city has a number of beautiful beaches that haven't been touched by the constant human meddling; Al Qurum is one example. It might be the most beautiful beach in the city with a few eateries nearby. On the weekends, people come to revel in its charm more than on weekdays.


Tiwi Beach –

Tiwi Beach has the nicest version of blue water. The effect the whiteness of the sand coupled with the blue water creates attracts many into the beach. Rock pools are its unique feature, and those who've had enough of playing in the sea can benefit from some of these rock pools. The beach is great for snorkelling as well; the charming marine life consists of batfish, stingrays and sea snakes. While you are at Tiwi Beach, try to make the most of what the beach offers.


Masirah Island –

A trip to Masirah Island is like a trip to a paradise, and the island is easily accessed from any hotel apartment in Muscat Oman. Located east of Oman, the island boasts some of the best white sand and crystal clear water. The island has several beaches with different characteristics; one such beach is Surf Beach; the name is given so on account of the beach being a good spot for surfing. The island is also where you have the chance of seeing all four species of turtles the country is known for; one species that frequents the beach is the olive ridley turtles.


Ras al Haad –

The beach is known for frequent sightings of green turtles. This is also one of the few beaches that offer you the opportunity to witness turtles trudging up the beach in order to lay eggs, and in the morning, you can see baby turtles hatching. If you want to see the baby turtles making their way to the sea, you should arrive at the beach as early as 3.30 am in the morning.


Khasab Port –

Located in northern Oman, Khasab is a port that features a museum and stone turrets; the museum displays a collection of artefacts with archaeological importance. The water is a brilliant emerald green, and you can be witness to boats coming up to the port. Also, a short walk from Khasab Port is the tranquillity of Bassa beach where you can go for a swim.