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10 Facts You Never Knew About Melbourne For the ones who are looking for more!

It doesn't matter if you have lived in Melbourne all your life., There are still going to be things that you haven't quite discovered. And here is an interesting list of information on Melbourne that you are going to enjoy.


Traffic lights

It was in Melbourne that the very first traffic light of Australia was first installed in. This took place back in the year 1912 right around the corner from Swanston and Collins Street. Besides, if you are looking for a Melbourne airport hotel to stay at on your way to the city, you can check out properties like PARKROYAL Melbourne Airport which is quite conveniently located.



Do you love your vegemite? Well, Fisherman's Band at Port Melbourne is actually the only city around the globe that makes this delicious spread.


First Pizza restaurant

Australia's very first pizza restaurant was open in Melbourne back in the year 1961. And the amazing part is, it is still selling these delicious pizzas till today. This restaurant is known as Toto's and it is situated in Little Italy, Lygon Street.


Flinder's Street Starion

The heart of Melbourne CBD is the Flinders Street station. It is said that the station was intended to be built in Mumbai for the Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus. However, plans got changed which resulted in an East Indian design station for Melbourne and a gothic-styled one for Mumbai.


Chocolate makers

Fitzroy chocolate makers were the ones who invented the Crunchie in 1929, Cherry Ripe in 1924 and Freddie Frog in 1930. This company was bought by the world-famous Cadbury back in the year 1967.



Did you know Melbourne was named Batmania originally? That would've been a cool name, right? And don't worry it isn't associated with the comic book hero Bruce Wayne in any way. Instead, this name came from one of the founding fathers of the city who is called John Batman. He was the one who discovered the central part of Melbourne and decided it would be a good location for a village.


Seat belt laws

Victoria was one of the first places in the world that enforced the seatbelt legislation. This happened all the way back in the year 1970.


The first feature film

The first feature film called the Story of the Kelly Gang was released in 1906. This movie was filmed here in the city. This is the first feature film of the world which had a movie running time for more than an hour.



We have all heard or watched the Sydney Olympics. But did you know it was Melbourne which was the first city, other than Europe or North America, to host the Olympics? It was this city that first hosted the country's Olympics back in the year 1956.


National Gallery of Victoria

This is one of the tourist hotspots in Melbourne and its Great Hall has a display of the biggest decorated glass ceiling of the world. It measures 51 m in length and 15 m in width!

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