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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
Headline for The 5 best malls in Makati, Manila – for quite the rollicking time
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The 5 best malls in Makati, Manila – for quite the rollicking time

Imagine having hours on end where you can either shop like there is no tomorrow or stroll past some of the finest boutique stores in town. Then for all this and more, drop by Makati.


Greenbelt Mall

Seen as a far cry from the bustle of the metro, the Greenbelt Mall is a massive 5-complex shopping mall which is strewn with the greenest of gardens; a fact which arguably would have been made note of ahead of naming this magnificent leisure destination which is fit for all ages. Alfresco dining facilities are all provided here but the highlight is its shopping and those venturing to Greenbelt 4 will find exclusive ranges of some of the worlds most talked about brands whilst Greenbelt 1 will afford a series of accessories and appliances that would more or less transform your home into a dazzling palace.


Century City Mall

Rated as one of the newest additions to Makati's mall culture, Century City Mall with its brilliant and state of the art outward design will surely coax you into spending that extra amount of time, either window shopping or tucking into local fare as well as international favourites. Though, small in stature, the mall certainly does hold its own in terms of the variety on offer as one might even want to check out the latest blockbusters to hit the giant screen at the Premier Cinema here.


Power Plant Mall

Arguably the 'mother of all malls' in Makati is the Power Plant Mall which can be easily reached if one is in the area of Rockwell Center. What was once a forgotten thermal power plant was swiftly made into one of the city's most patronized and the best place to shop for almost everything that you can think of. While hungry diners and movie fanatics can look forward to plenty of happy moments, the avid shopper will find the mall's spread of boutiques and stores a worthy contender of one's time and money. Come Christmas, the mall comes alive with keen visitors queuing up to access the finest collection of décor in town. You might say that there is never a dull moment here, even if it means moving about to the sounds of live piano music!


Glorietta Mall

Similar in appearance to the Greenbelt Mall with the only exception being that its 5th building is found a tad farther away but still within convenient proximity, Glorietta Mall is your 'go-to' place if searching for something for all ages and tastes. With topnotch clothing brands such as Uniqlo readily available, one can look to the prospect of exploring the simply delightful shopping spaces that make up the mall with friendly staff always present to assist you and help you move seamlessly from one store to the other. What's more? Glorietta Mall is more than just a shopping mall but a lifestyle destination for it is home to Ascott Makati. Therefore, if looking for a convenient mode of accommodation, do consider these serviced apartments in Manila that are blessed with modern amenities and facilities to come home to.


SM Makati

In Metro Manila, the SM Makati comes off as being a breath of fresh air when considering its larger, neighboring malls. Well known for selling an array of local goods which would be great gifts and souvenirs for loved ones back home, SM Makati also brings the world to your doorstep. With brands such as Forever 21 and Hennes & Mauritz AB to be inspired and intrigued by, time spent here is time spent well. Also, for the sake of being a 'one-stop-shop', the visitor will also find a well-stocked supermarket to access.