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Top things To Do In Kalkuda And Pasikuda Beaches – Where Island Vibes Abound

Heading out to the eastern coast of Sri Lanka you most probably will not want to return back home. To say the area is a tropical paradise is an understatement; the sandy oases together with the exotic Pasikuda Beach are what makes Sri Lanka the best holiday destination in the world. Do read on.


Chilling On Kalkuda Beach

Still unspoilt Kalkuda Beach is where you go to relax and savour island vibes. Soft sand beaches surrounded by palm trees are the ideal shady haven for chilling in between those swims in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Few hotels are located around this beach which adds to its tranquil ambience, if staying on the east coast of Sri Lanka, you may want to savour a slice of this paradise before the places are discovered as the ultimate tourist resort for sun sand and fun.


Exotic Pasikuda Beach For Ocean Pleasures

The water surrounding beautiful Pasikuda Beach is shallow and glistens like clear glass. The virtually unspoilt beach makes a stay at places like Uga Bay seem like paradise. Look forward to long walks along the crescent shaped bay, chilling at the little coves located along the beach and snorkelling amidst the lush coral reefs. The water is soothing and the perfect temperature for swimming, while nights on the beach are beyond enchanting and booking into hotels in Pasikuda come highly recommended!


Explore The Coconut Culture Park

Easy to reach from Pasikuda resorts the Coconut Culture Park is great for learning more about the very resilient tree and one of Sri Lanka's top agricultures. Wander around the plantation and learn about the many uses the coconut palm is used for; you will be surprised to learn the tree, is used to make coir, coconut leaf roofs, mats, brooms, baskets and more. The nut produces milk and coconut oil used for cooking many Sri Lankan dishes while the water is drunk. The young coconut flowers are cultured and kept to produce a fermented drink called toddy which is collected via a pot attached to the cut flower. Oh and don't forget that heavenly coconut ice cream.


Go Snorkelling

One of the highlights when staying at a Pasikuda resort is the lure of snorkelling; the beautiful bay is surrounded by coral reefs amongst which a variety of marine life thrives. All you need are mask, snorkel and fins to be a part of this tropical world below the waves. Don't forget the underwater cameras folks, for some memorable pictures to take back home.


Tour The Cultural Triangle

From Pasikuda it's easy to plan a tour of the Cultural Triangle in Sri Lanka. Places like Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura are easy to access, while Pasikuda hotels offer tours of these UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You won't be disappointed taking a break from the beach for a bit of sightseeing since places like Sigiriya are tipped to be marvels of the ancient world while Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa were the first kingdoms of the island nation.

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