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Here is the list of Top technology blogs by TopDevelopers.Co, to provide you news and update about cutting-edge technology, trends, and important insights. We try to cover most important and latest issues in Information Technology industry to keep you updated.


Why Clickfunnels For Online Sales Are Dead (Already)

Online sales today are vastly influenced by digital marketing and clickfunnel that was once used by businesses for high conversion rates is now rethought on. Know what is Clickfunnels and its efficiency for your business marketing in the long-run.

Clickfunnels have been a meteor in the digital world and, whilst being extremely expensive, simply translates into a major loss for those business sectors which require quality in descriptions, delivery and (most importantly) user experience. We’ll definitely see this platform fading away in the next couple of years. Digital marketing is evolving from a quick, simple and (mostly) dumb approach to a more thorough, authoritative and targeted one, leading to better user experience and conversion rate, in the long term.

Know more in Details at: Why Clickfunnels For Online Sales Are Dead (Already)?

Detailed Insight on Node.js Development Tools for your Next Robust Application

A decade back when Ryan Dahl had written Node.js to build a solution that resolves the speed, concurrency, scalability, reliability, and data sharing issues, which frequently pop-up in front of the developers, he was entirely clueless about the popularity and the enormous success the piece of software will relish at the later stage. Even, the stack overflow’s developer survey has crowned the language as the most commonly used back-end technology in the IT world.
Let's see a comprehensive guide on 11 Node.js top frameworks and tools which simplify the path of web programming and application development with many functionalities.
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Node.js vs PHP: Which Technology Is Better for Server-Side Development?

A comparison between PHP and NodeJS - the best for server-side development, guiding businesses & web developers to make a decision based on the project requirements.
Choosing Node.js would enable you to build highly scalable and fast I/O sensitive projects. On the other hand, if you are looking to develop a project on a much smaller scale using a piece of dedicated web technology, then PHP would be a great choice.

Now, since they are both rivals, it naturally leads to the question, “Which is better?” To answer the question, we will take a look at both Node.js and PHP as separate programming languages with their individual pros and cons. We will also present a brief comparison to aid us in settling this debate.

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Why Should you Use Twitter Bootstrap as a Development Tool to Enhance Your Interface

Testing and debugging code have come a long way in the world of web development. Due to these strides of progress in such a short period of time, there are many possibilities in web design now that we could have imagined. From employing a user-responsive design to having a more streamlined code, web applications can be created easily with more features.

7 Creative Logo Design trends in 2019

It is wisely said that Logos are the face of the company. We are living in an era where pictures and logos can make or mar the company. The brand is either remembered by its tag line or the logo. The designers have a massive task of designing creative logos as creativity and complexity is what is demanded by the brand holders these days. Bright colors, better font, proper techniques are all added to glorify any logo.

Aesthetic logos are made by the whole creative team which decides the logo first and then the matters of the market. Does the question lie that what makes a logo unique and outstanding? It has been an unanswered question of ‘what kind of logo will make a mark?’ A logo ensures the people what kind of product is the company serving. Likewise, creativity in their approach is what the efficient UI and UX designers would agree to.

Best logos are created by the designers depending on the kind of product. If it is commercial or fashion-oriented or a funny website, varied designs are created. Trends of logos have changed, and designers are trying hard to live up to the new trends of logos.

Let us look at some of the most creative logo design trends in 2019:
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The right way to scale up your startup: things you should keep up with

Here are the amazing points should consider, High-quality software, CRM, Cloud solution, ERP system, Promotion, and the necessary staff to scale up your startup.

SWOT Analysis: A decisive factor for Understanding Businesses

Rather than hovering around, introspecting oneself is the best thing which a person or on a broader perspective, a company can do. Because self-knowledge is utterly important and essential to keep you and your business afloat in this ever changing environment. To gain self-knowledge, the organization must be aware of its basics and minute factors so that there is a bare minimal chance of any loophole. And, for doing this on a bigger stage, SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats) Analysis becomes an important tool or you can say method.

As SWOT analysis is more and more becoming a decisive factor, it is important to know it from the roots, so as to get the complete understanding of the business.
Let's read more about it: SWOT Analysis

6 Subtle Characteristics of a Seasoned Developer

The most important thing in today’s grueling and demanding work scenario is to remain at the top of the game every time. The scenario is the same when it comes to the mobile app and web development industry. For a modern age developer, it is almost a necessity to be one their toes every time and also to think on their feet. The reason behind this is the manner in which the mobile apps and their usage are changing the world around. Also, their backend and fore end development is hitting the increasing waves that demand constant evolution from the developer’s end as well.

The success quotient of a company depends on the way the developer feels and how motivated he/she is to accomplish the work for the company. Developing products or mobile apps that are fruitful and long-lived can be the decisive factor in shaping the destiny of an organization.

Therefore, it is mighty important to look at some of the peculiar traits or I should say habit that differentiates the men from the boys. Having the following qualities will not only make you a seasoned developer but also make your product a client’s favorite.

Let's read more about Characteristics of a Seasoned Developer

Cloud Computing unlocking new horizons for Mobile Strategy

It is a proven fact that Cloud Computing is one of the promising and prolific technologies that have come up in the beginning of 21st century. It has provided critical and essential services to the tech business matters like management, reducing excessive IT expenditures and also the expenditure on hardware and software maintenance. Cloud computing refers to the applications that are delivered over the Internet and thus has all the ingredients in enhancing the mobile strategy for the companies.

If we take a closer look, we’ll find that the rapid proliferation of the mobile technology and the significance that it had on the human world and the business landscapes is more or less due to cloud computing. Therefore, it becomes pretty much apt that we head in straight to the points that will show how cloud computing will unlock new horizons for Mobile Strategy.

Mobile Tech and Data Driven Marketing: A Bond for the future Businesses

The constant evolution in mobile technology has made itself crucial for the businesses to survive. The marketing strategy nowadays strongly depends on mobile apps integration as they form a formidable path to connect with the customers comprehensively. With the world going digital with each passing day, huge amount of data is available now thanks to the online interactions, digital marketing, etc. Thus for the businesses to blossom under this highly tech driven environment, they have to rely upon data driven marketing which will help in their decision making process.

The varied amount of information that the marketers get from the data base enables them to understand the market situation on a more specific basis. The mobile tech renders them the deepest possible insights so that they can use the data to retain more number of customers.

With such immaculate benefits, it becomes quite apt to understand how the bond of mobile technology and data driven marketing is securing the future for the businesses.

The Smart Apps used by Smart Moms

Being a Mom is fairly easy, isn’t it? You just have to don various hats like that of an organizer, a manager, a nurse, a teacher, etc. You just have to look after the whole house and also be alert in any sort of emergencies. Yes, we all know that motherhood is the most thankless job and being a mother is not easy at all.

Mobile technology has been on the rise ever since its inception and it’s not surprising that it is being used for noncommercial purposes as well. Being a mother is really tough; it just gets a little better with the help of technology.

Let us see how The Smart Apps used by Smart Moms for a systematic synchronization work that leads to reduce confusion and improve efficiency for each task.

Tips to make your mobile app a Showstopper

Let us start with a very simple question this time. Ask yourself what is the difference between a great mobile app and a mediocre mobile app. There can be many answers to it, but the most relevant can be the market penetration capacity of the app that results in greater revenue generation. For greater customer reach, the mobile app developers should develop and design the mobile app in such a manner that it becomes the showstopper of its genre. By saying showstopper I mean the ingredients that are needed to make the app go viral.

The new age business environment is all about virality as we saw in Pokemon Go last year. The mobile gaming app threw caution to the winds and took everyone by surprise with its enormous success. There let us get some vital insights and understand the methods that will make your mobile app a showstopper.

Mixed reality to be a vital cog in Digital Revolution

The amazing uprise of mobile technology has been the most defining thing that has changed the entire way of how business is done in the new age digital world. In addition to this, the way in which the devices interact with each other has been changed to an unforeseen level and a major shift is done to the culture of the companies. Digitization and the inclusion of the new age technologies have been the main reason for the noteworthy change as everything is done on the smart devices and stored digitally on the cloud.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are often tipped as a “Cornerstones of Technology” and the recent inroads that it made in the world of technology has been prolific to watch. The success of PokemonGo and usage of virtual reality in various fields is a prime example of the importance of both these technologies in the present time.

Let's see how The Saga of Mixed Reality influencing digital world.

Complacency is a Strict No in Global Tech Market

“Achieving something takes time and will, but sustaining it demands constant practice”, the proverb is apt not only for life, but also in the current business environment. The stratospheric rise in the business world has increased the horizons of every organization irrespective of their sizes and given them an equal opportunity to showcase their talent. While it has made the already strong businesses stronger, the small and medium scale enterprises are also not left behind.

Taking a cue from the story of a battle when David challenges Goliath, it is with the constant research and development across the spectrum of their needs, the new age startups are disrupting the conventional business methods at a very alarming rate. This is causing problems to the big companies that are not agile in their work process to stay ahead of the curve. The encroaching companies are playing their part in making the big companies to constantly innovate themselves so as to avoid losing their market share.

Thus, there is a clear picture of no complacency in the new age business world, and if the organization is adamant on using the old methods, they are bound to lose. Let us have a look at the things by which the small businesses are giving the larger ones a run for their money.

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Horses for Courses: Choosing between Hybrid and Native Apps

The selection of Hybrid and Native apps depends on the client needs, the time scaling of the app and most importantly, the budget of the app. Also, the company has to look in for the likes and dislikes of their targeted audiences so as to be assured of their mobile app development platform. As per stats, of all the smartphone users in the world, there are about 80% that use Android and 16% that use iOS. Therefore, as more than 96% of the total smartphone populations constituents of just iOS and Android, the app development companies has to look in for the perfect blend so as to reach the maximum number audiences as possible.

Let’s take a look on Hybrid and Native Apps to choose the right one for your business needs.

Google I/O 2017 : An Event grabbing World Attention

The most awaited event of the developers and the AI researchers, the grand Google I/O 2017, has successfully satisfied the tech buffs through its announcements as expected. That was an amazing event like a clear stream of water. One after another, Google executives stunned the populace with their big announcements and put the gathering in awe. Well, Google I/O 2017 has many surprising yet satisfactory elements in its kitty for the users and developers. The purpose of the announced advancements clearly communicated that these are to make computing simpler, easier, healthier and entertaining.

Welcome to the era of Technology and Business Convergence

In this digital era, technology plays a crucial role in the development of business experience. No matter how big or small your business is, technology gives you both tangible and intangible benefits to make money efficiently, and meet your customers’ demand. Having a good technological infrastructure ensures enriching the culture, efficiency, and relationships of the business. In the last two decades, technology has changed the way we interact, shop, see, observe, research, and even the way we do business. Today, everything a business needs has become more accessible because of advancement in technology. One of the most obvious benefits of technology in business is the increased productivity or lower cost structure. Lets learn about Some of the applications of technology in a successful business...

The Secret to Healthy Applications

The competition amongst the Apps is increasing by the day. The developers now need to innovate and make use of the latest technology to compete against the saturation of the App Store. The developers not only need to create apps high on functionality but also need to make these apps healthy. to ensure that the user’s devices do not get bogged down with an unoptimized interface. Here are few ways in which you can create healthy mobile apps for your target audience.

7 Don’ts for an efficient Mobile App Testing Methodology

The mobile app testing is like a one-way road with no way of going back, and which is ultimately responsible for making or breaking the app’s success. The app’s future is in the hands of the users as a single flaw in the app can make the users shun the app. It signals having a sound app testing strategy in place is all-imperative to ensure that the mobile app meets the user expectations and help the businesses achieve their goal.

However, the release of new OS, frameworks, devices, or APIs on a constant basis, make the job of testers challenging. How to overcome all the challenges? The team at TopDevelopers have done some research to provide a consice list of DON’TS which should not be repeated when you test the application next time, to guarantee that the mobile app will make its way to the app store without a single bug. This is a crucial aspect of hiring an app developer.

Have a look at the 7 considerations which you should not forget during app testing...

App Development with Kotlin: Here’s What Makes It Interesting

It comes to no wonder when someone states Java as an answer for the best programming language to Android app development. The almost two-decade-old language has been ruling the Android development paradigm worldwide. It really makes no sense to look at other languages as we have accepted it as a way of Android app development.

However, a few months ago, the significant announcement made by Google at I/O conference for providing the official support to Kotlin has changed this state of mind. Now, Android developer community is weighing the both technology’s capabilities to declare the winner.

Let’s view the benefits that Kotlin offers when leveraged in Android app development.

Top 5 Emerging Technologies to take your Business ahead in 2018

In 2018, it’s anticipated that businesses can’t afford to overlook the accelerating emerging technology trends and have to be on their toes because the technologies are expected to reach their peak and make the business future-ready. The technology change may be a threat or opportunity for your business, so now; it’s over to you how you take it, as positive transformation or negative transformation.

Take a quick look at the emerging technologies which let your business become customer-led, insight-driven, and fast and connected...

Top 7 Ways To Make Your Clients Loyal to Your Business

Most of the businesses focus obsessively on winning new customers rather than retaining the existing customers to grow the sales volume and revenue by manifolds.

However, it’s a great myth.

According to a Forrester research, “Acquiring new customer costs five times more than retaining the existing customer.”

Undeniably, the immediate sales appear lucrative, but the instant gratification is an expensive affair and won’t prove to be good in the long run. Solely focusing on customer acquisition is a myopic business strategy which won’t let the businesses thrive in the cutting-edge competition. Nurturing the relationship with the existing customer is equally important as they are the priceless brand ambassador of your business.

According to Gartner research, “The 80% of the company’s revenue in the near future will come from the existing customers.”

This is fabulous. It’s inevitably crucial for the Mobile app development companies to turn the first-time client into loyal clients and make it utterly irresistible to the clients that they look no further when they have app development needs. It’s all viable when the companies able to make the customers of their customer happier and happier.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, we have rounded up a few points which elucidate how can you strengthen the relationship with the backbone of your business and build a positive rapport with the mobile app clients...

Innovation and Technology always Reiterate to a higher ground

There has never been a time in the human history when the innovations become stagnant. Just check it if you want but there is really no exception period.

When we talk about the latest decade, the situation is no more different. Even, innovations are occurring at warp speed and we are witnessing incredible changes leveraging new technologies. Technology has brought the faster phase of innovation that has transformed innovation to the core.

The mobile phone is the best instance of it, which was once a device used for calling, texting, viewing the calendar or calculation. As the technology and innovation meet, the simple mobile becomes smartphone and mobile apps built, which now helps in accomplishing all the work on-the-go without needing to stay glued to the desk.

Moving further, organizations don’t need to wait for long to test the ideas and experiment. It’s really unimaginable, but feasible to find out how customers are responding or assess process productivity to the innovation brought using technology.

There is no denying fact that the industrial revolution is kicked into high gear and will continue until the cycle of innovation and technology keeps iterating. We all know the technology and innovation are the lifeblood growth and efficiency, and industries would never like to cease the growth or become inefficient. The re-iteration of technology and innovation is certain.

Every time, the new technology that comes to the fore is all set to reshape the world and fix the challenges with all added conveniences.

Here is the set of innovative technologies that have become all-pervasive and will have big implications in the future:

Strategic Thinking: An Efficient Method to take the bull by its horns

After expending days in planning, attending hours of meetings, answering hundreds of emails, managing the team and fighting with day-to-day fires, you finally launched the project. Congrats! Now, you are expecting the winning results. It’s not necessarily the case always. The bundle of decisions and actions won’t guarantee the success. There is a wake-up call for you.

Henry David Thoreau said, “It’s not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about?”

In the past, the project success is considered as the project completed before the deadline and within the budget. Now, it’s about syncing the project management with organizational strategy amid of operational decision-making and tactical leadership. Alas! Most of the project managers are found saying “We have always done it.” The problem lies in this thinking is that they work on ‘What’ part and ‘How’ part is least focused where the essence of strategic thinking lies.

It indicates the project management is disconnected from the strategy and thereby the gap between the lofty ambitions of project manager and the staff completing the work cannot be fulfilled. Also, lurching from one crisis to another and combating with daily grind are the gifts that come with it. But, there is a metaphor which doesn’t let the project fail and prevent the fires.

Let’s take a look how laying the foundation of strategic thinking within projects creates a difference:

Google I/O Conference: The Announcements That’s Thriving The World

There was a lot of buzz in the tech world before Google I/O 2018 conference hosted in California. A ton was expected by developers and the important announcements have made the conference live up to its much-created hype. The three-day event started at the keynote of Google CEO Mr. Sundar Pichai has revealed some upgrades to the Google initiatives and a bundle of new technologies in different sessions. Last year at the Google event 2017 there were many announcements that were appreciated by the tech-enthusiast.

Take a quick recap of the key moments that highlight the best releases of the year..