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06 reasons to move to Canada - Hail the maple leaf!

People in the world are always looking to have a better lifestyle and to be in a better country, and here is why you must think about Canada seriously.


About Canada

Canada is one of the most popular ex-pat nations in the world with more than 600,000 British people calling it home nowadays. This country is also known for being one of the politest places on earth along with being a country that provides excellent healthcare to its citizens. Canada is also one of the happiest nations in the world.


Safety in Canada

The crime rate in Canada is so low that the people in the world are jealous of it. Violent crime is an extremely rare thing in Canada and gun ownership is not as easy as it is in the United States. Being so strict about lowering gun violence in the country has made Canada's global reputation grow in the last few years. The simple fact is that people do not think about buying a firearm when they live in Canada because the crime rate is so low. Also, the process of obtaining a licence and getting yourself a gun is harder to do in this country.


The education system in Canada

This country values education and has made sure that all the younger citizens of the country have the best access to schooling regardless of where they come from or which community they belong to. This government is known for spending more of the budget on education than any other country in the world.


Open to cultures

Canada is one of the most diverse countries in the world today. If you take a look at the parliament of the country you will notice that more than 40 people out of 338 members were born abroad. This is proof that multiculturalism is promoted and protected at all costs in Canada. If you are looking for Canada immigration from Sri Lanka you will be happy to know that they are open all nationalities and you will be able to find more information for your immigration and move with the help of legal counsels the likes of Zenith Immigration Lawyers.


A broad-minded society that is tolerant

It is no new fact that Canada is tolerant and has a relaxed and liberal approach to many situations in the country. Canada has been one of the first few countries in the world outside of Europe that legalized same-sex marriage. It is also a great example of being a leader of civil rights.


Universal healthcare in Canada

As stated earlier, the health care system in Canada is one of the most accessible and the fairest ones in the world. Medical treatment in this country is mostly free. Every province in the country is given a budget to adhere to local and they also issue health cards to all the eligible and legal residents. Having this health card will let you get free healthcare. Obtaining a health card also depends on the sort of visa you have. Thus, it is better do some reading up on this before you spend on insurance for yourself.

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