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Updated by Harrison Elderling on Dec 14, 2021
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9 Tips on How to Prepare Your Property for Rent

Many renters are drawn by a well-presented home.

They like to look inside a house based on their curb appeal. This is the view they see when driving, arriving for a tour, or viewing online pictures.

Focusing on the exterior design of the home and paying attention to the details will help you ensure that visitors want to come inside your house.

You don’t really need to do a major cleanup. All you need to take care of are the small important details that make it attractive.


9 Essential Task: Managing Rental Property 101

If your rental is empty, use this moment to complete tasks. Check all the necessary stuff to be repaired. Like the smoke alarms, ensure all the electrical outlets and plumbing fixtures work and are safe. These are just a few things on how to properly manage a rental property.


Test and service appliances

Test and service appliances
  • Turn on the oven and check it’s status. Is it still working well?
  • You must also check the water heater
  • Inspect the washing machine
  • Clean out the dryer vents
  • Perform any repairs that your tests indicate are needed.

Clean and deodorize

Clean and deodorize

After a long tenancy, the kitchen and bathrooms will really need some cleaning. Here are a few steps.

  • Inspect some grease buildup in the kitchen It may call for a strong detergent, such as TSP, for removal.
  • Disinfect the bathroom

Search for some mold

Search for some mold

You have to focus looking for molds in these places:

  • Dark corners of the laundry room
  • Bathroom tiles
  • Closets

You can scrub the mold with soap and water. But don’t try to scrub mold out of drywall. It might damage your wall paint.


Change the locks

Change the locks

It is actually important to change locks when a tenant moves out. You can start replacing existing locks on the entry door. You can also install keypunch locks that you can reprogram during turnovers.


Paint the walls

Paint the walls

Painting freshens up your rental property. Although you don’t have to repaint every time, it still can attract possible tenants. You can actually do this and reduce the cost if you do the painting yourself. You have to be aware that professional painting costs from $400 to $700 per room.


Spruce up the landscaping

Spruce up the landscaping

Don’t forget your lawn, garden, and entryway. You can do some makeover in those places too.
And these are the following:

  • Trim back foliage that covers windows or hangs over the roof
  • Edge the walkways
  • Plant a few decorative plants

Replace and Wash the Curtains, Window Screens, and Windows

Replace and Wash the Curtains, Window Screens, and Windows
  • Take the curtains down and wash them. You can also replace them if you have some spare.
  • Remove the window screens, and wash them or replace them if they are torn or the frames are bent.
  • Consider having the windows professionally cleaned to bring light into the house.

Service the central air system

Service the central air system

A vacancy offers a golden opportunity to introduce a technician to tune-up a furnace and cooling system.

Take this time to check the seals in the compressor and blower. Start replacing the filters, and inspect for some other small problems that could turn into big ones. This is actually the best time to inspect the central air system of your rental property.


Restore Flooring System

Restore Flooring System

The floor is an integral part of the house. Any damage can turn off potential tenants. A floor restoration doesn’t involve sanding off the finish. You have to scuff up the finish with a floor buffer and apply a refresher coat. It can actually make a floor new again.


Don’t think about the money that you are going to spend

The amount of time and money you need to invest in getting a rental unit ready depends on the rental market and the unit's condition. You may not have to invest a lot of money or time in a neighborhood with rental shortages at all. In a competitive market, things are different but don't worry about making a small investment.

You will reduce downtime and future maintenance costs by working to attract renters. And you will recover your investment and keeping your books in no time.

Managing rental property is not that easy. But it is not that hard either. You can always start on the easiest part. And this article will teach you where to start.