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5 Awesome Facts to Know About Fabric Buildings

Modern technology has done a big impact on the portable building industry. It offers a variety of advantages over conventional concrete buildings. Fabric building is an engineered building that can actually withstand different weather conditions. May it be temporary or permanent installation.

Through planning and development work to completion, fabric buildings will save you time and money. In the cost of labor, materials, and construction.


Design Flexibility & Relocation

Design Flexibility & Relocation

Design and flexibility is an important aspect of building a strong structure. This new building technology can be constructed faster than your conventional portable structure.

And what’s awesome about this is that it can be deployed anywhere. Also, the fabric structure, even in extreme environmental conditions, can be incredibly durable.

There are times when you need enough space to work productively. And fabric structure is so flexible that you can move it to any place you need it to be. Basically, this technology is a relocatable shelter.
Talking about relocatable, engineering a fabric building and designing it for easy relocation is its top role. This is developed to meet the need of every industry.

Just as it is possible to build them faster and easier, it is possible to disassemble, move or change fabric buildings easily. When it comes to safe relocation, traditional buildings made of steel, red iron or wood can have various obstacles. But with fabric building, installation and reassembly can take as little as three days.


Performance & Durability

Performance & Durability

Fabric membrane technology has non-corroding aluminum substructure and impressively durable materials. This is to ensure that the building will last for a long period of time. Even in the presence of extreme weather condition.

In some of the most extreme climates in the world, fabric building like Sprung has flourished. It can even survive severe weather events as high-performance relocatable shelters.

The interior of our custom relocatable buildings is ideal for people who appreciate an open environment. Like with bright and welcoming features.


Lower Overall Costs

Lower Overall Costs

Fabric building may be cost-competitive. But because of the new technology, the cost is now lower than before. That is through reducing operating and energy expenses. And you can actually do this by making use of the natural light.

Capitalizing on natural light like transparent covers can minimize cost. And by doing this, you can actually save thousands of dollars annually. Also, the materials that are used in a fabric building requires little maintenance. And because of that, you can definitely save some more money.


Protect the People and the Investment

Protect the People and the Investment

Whatever happens outside, and whatever the environment in your project area, Fabric Building stands strong. This allows people inside to do their work, enjoy the game, do maintenance on aircraft or vehicles. Or whatever happens under the transparent span fabric framework roof.

Fabric Structures can withstand almost any kind of weather conditions. Whether you are housing your aircraft, your industrial equipment, your construction vehicles or your stock. These also come with HVAC and ventilation options to maintain safe indoor conditions.

The architectural membrane creates a natural vapor barrier that makes it energy-efficient. It also improves the building’s R-value with no dead air space. A blackout layer prevents solar gain and helps manage climate control.

In fact, fabric structures are attractive due to their well-planned designs. There are plenty of options for building finishes which allow flexibility in design. It is made with thicker envelopes that reduce the cost of construction.


Fabric Building Safety

Fabric Building Safety

Security is a primary concern when designing and constructing tension fabric structures. Most systems have collapsed because they have never been up to code. Municipal codes are not just a legal benchmark. They are a great gage of minimum requirements for snow, wind and other construction powers.

Also, the structure should have a strong foundation. The foundation is important because it supports the rest of the building — the whole system is undermined by skimping here.

Like any other building, some maintenance and periodic inspections are required. Although easy to maintain and structurally sound, structures of the fabric may require repairs, cleaning or other upgrades. Your system is routinely checked and serviced to ensure years of reliable and safe operation.



Fabric structure is a great way to lower the cost of your temporary building. Or you can even make it into a permanent building because of its durability. Not to mention its ability to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

You can actually check out the inside of a fabric structure through Virtual tour in a fabric building. It will give you an insight of what fabric structure looks like inside.