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Top 10 Dishes to Try in the Maldives - Sensational Treats that will Tantalize Your Taste Buds

The Maldives is one of the most enchanting travel destinations in the world. Be sure to try out the following dishes as you travel here to enjoy a sensational culinary adventure.



This is one of the most popular dishes that you will find here in the Maldives. It is simply a delightfully flavoursome fish soup which carries the true essence of the island life. You will find hints of lime, chilli and onions in this mild and fragrant broth.


Mas Huni

Mas huni is a delectable concoction of shredded tuna, coconut, lemon as well as onions. It is a popular dish that is served in almost all the local restaurants.



Masroshi is a wholesome dish which will fill you up while tantalizing your taste buds. It is a chapatti which is stuffed with smoked tuna and coconut. Of course, a generous pinch of spices is also added to the chapatti to enhance its rich flavour.


Bis Keemiya

Your food tour in the Maldives will truly be incomplete without bis keemiya. It is a crunchy and flavoursome snack which is filled with a hardboiled egg, onions as well as cabbage.
If you stay at a leading hotel like Reethi Faru Resort it will be quite easy for you to discover the flavours of the land. Try and dine at a popular overwater restaurant in Maldives to discover the complexities as well as the appeals of the local cuisine this way.


Boshi Mashuni

Boshi mashuni is simply a colourful dish which will please and delight you effortlessly. It is a combination of a shredded banana flower as well as coconut. A variety of spices enhance the taste of this simple dish.


Fried yams

If you are a lover of all things fried, you should definitely give the fried yams of Maldives a try. The yams are delightfully crunchy on the outside but on the inside they are soft and juicy. You will surely be addicted to these before your tour is over!


Maldivian Live Lobster

Seafood takes a prominent place in the food scene of Maldives. You will find a variety of exquisite seafood treats as you experiment with Maldivian cuisine. The Maldivian live lobster is a dish that you should not miss if you are looking for a bold culinary adventure. It is said that the lobster tastes a lot better when it is cooked alive, so you will find this treat quite remarkable for sure.


Saagu Bondibai

This is a delightful dessert which is made using sago, a popular ingredient in Maldivian cuisine. It combines the creamy taste of coconut milk as well as condensed milk. You will fall in love with its rich taste for sure!


Reef Fish Cutlets

This is yet another tiny treat which can pack quite a punch. Reef fish is quite popular in the Maldives as one might guess. The reef fish cutlet is an incredible delicacy which will keep you yearning for more.



Gulha is a tantalizing evening snack which will make your taste buds sing. It is a perfect accompaniment to evening tea or coffee!

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