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Top 7 prawn dishes- Must-try dishes.

Prawns; the most sought-after seafood due to its versatile ways of preparation and lifting the flavour of any dish. Here are some must-try prawn dishes on an island like Sri Lanka.


Caribbean prawn skewers

These are usually well marinated with coriander and mint leaves and a few other spices for at least 2 hours before to ensure the flavours are well incorporated into the prawns. They are then cooked on the BBQ grill and served with mango salsa- a combination that screams a summer paradise.


Prawn and coconut curry

A recipe that is popular on the coast of Bengal, this is essentially a fairly easy dish to make. With hints of cardamom, cinnamon and bay leaf among other special ingredients, the prawns are eventually cooked in a creamy turmeric coconut milk broth. It is best enjoyed with a bowl of freshly steamed rice.


Isso wade

A Sri Lankan speciality street food which is a fried lentil cake with a prawn embedded in it. These can be found in any street food stall or trucks by the beach. They are served with a very spicy onion chutney that will make your eyes water but definitely worth it!


Devilled prawns

In Sri Lanka, you will come across the term "devilled" which is referred to a dish that is cooked with spicy seasonings. It usually consists of red and chillies, capsicum and chilli flakes that add to the spicy profile. Devilled prawn is a popular dish among the locals and tourists and can easily be found in any coastal restaurant. For example, many a Negombo restaurant and roadside cafes are found in abundance due to the high demand of visitors. Some hotels like Arie Lagoon, have a dedicated seafood restaurant that would serve up the best of the dishes. Try this out with a cold brew and enjoy the view.


Prawn dumplings

These are quite delicate and are made with minimal seasoning- depending on which cuisine the recipe takes after. However, they still taste fulfilling. The dumplings are usually served either on its own with a side dish of chilli sauce or in a silky broth that uplifts the flavours.


Chinese Sichuan pepper prawns

Sichuan pepper is a unique spice that is found in abundance in the Sichuan region of China. It has a distinct flavour and aroma that makes the dish unique- it is neither pungent nor too spicy. These are made easily and seasoned with some coarse salt and a spritz of lime or lemon juice. A great sauce combination would be the smoky mayo.


Seafood fried rice

A special take on fried-rice that is tossed in a wok with a variety of seafood like prawns, cuttlefish and crab meat and vegetables like shallots, leeks and carrots. This makes a great base for additional curries and dishes. Fried rice is customarily served with chilli paste and a thick saucy gravy of any preference. The dish is perfect for lunch or even as an accompaniment with alcoholic beverages.

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