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Updated by Battered Men on Dec 12, 2019
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7 fool-proof ways to beat manipulative narcissistic rage and abuse in court

It's not easy to deal with a Narcissist. However, in my own experience, I have the best ways to get through the frightening narcissistic rage and the awful abuse it causes on your family


Learn to control your emotions.
  • Outrageous allegations will come at you, your responses are ninety percent of the battle.
  • A Narcissist will poke you to lose control in and outside of the court
Consistently professional at all times.

along with your personality, you should also be the best-dressed person in that courtroom.

Stay up to date and educated on current family law.

If something is not in the law book but a judge says it is, how can you defend it?

Trust your gut.

Take your time choosing a lawyer that is experienced in personality disorders.

Find a therapist to keep your mental health up to par.

If it’s not a therapist, then find something to keep you busy. Gym, library, or anything to give you a break from the madness.

Document everything.

Narcissistic rage can sometimes lead to subtle child abuse.

This is for them to have you go crazy, then a Narcissist will conveniently play victim.
Keep going to the doctors, even if nobody seems to be listening. It raises your credibility as a parent.

Stay off social media.
  • It is distracting.
  • Nobody wants to hear your drama.
  • If people haven’t actually dealt with narcissistic rage they won’t understand.
    Don’t waste your time.