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7 epic things to do in Queenstown - For an adrenaline hike!

Queenstown is one of those places that offers epic activities you can enjoy to your heart's content. This trip to New Zealand is going to be full of action-packed fun! Read on to find out more.


AJ Hackett

Hackett is the person who brought bungee jumping to the world. This is crazy and full of fun. This vacation, tie up a massive elastic belt around your body and jump from the highest possible place you can think of. This sensation is something you must experience once in your life! If you are an adrenaline junkie, well you are in for a thrill!


Jet Boat Rides

Jed boat riding is a thrilling adventure in New Zealand. When in Queenstown you will find all the locals urging you to try it. If that's the case, you know it's going to be an out of the world experience you cannot miss out on. Jet boats are giant water vessels that can go at very fast speeds and spin 360°. Can you imagine that? Make sure to put this down on your bucket list.


The Remarkables

Next stop is The Remarkables which is a massive mountain range here in East Queenstown. And as the name suggests, it is remarkable indeed! You can go on a hike and soak up the gorgeous views from the mountain tops. This is also an ideal place for skiing during the winter times. If you are looking for the best ski resort in Queenstown, you can check out plenty. For instance, you can look into properties like the Oaks Club Resort for a start.


The Luge

At the Skyline, you can have another epic ride. Hope on a buggy which will take you through winding columns where you can speed up or down and charge at the downhill race track. You will be screaming with joy! Make sure to head out with friends and have the time of your life.


Queenstown Hill

So, what is this Hill famous for? Well, for the epic sunrise view or a sunset view, the Queenstown hill is the place to be at. You can have a spectacular view of the lakes and the mountain ranges bathed in a golden light. It is quite magical indeed!


Moke Lake

When the skies are clear, and the weather is delightful, pack up a picnic and head out to the Moke lake. This lake is surrounded by towering mountains which makes it the ideal place for a good hike or even to relax in. For the avid hikers, there are plenty of tracks you can undertake. If you are a beginner there are two hiking tracks you can check out.



Another adrenaline pumping activity you can try out is canyoning. You might have tried this across the world, but Queenstown gives you a very different kind of experience. You will be jumping off waterfalls, off cliffs and even swimming in caves! Do not deny yourself this opportunity!

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