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Top-rated things to do in Beirut- An extra-ordinary holiday

The capital city of Lebanon attracts many tourists with its temperate climate, gastronomic delights, the range of mountains, the Mediterranean coast and more! Here is a list to tick off some interesting things while in Beirut.


Munch away

In Lebanon, the first word that comes into one's mind when you say the food is mezze. This is a platter with a selection of various types of food that is usually served with alcoholic beverages or as an appetizer and sometimes even as its own dish. It typically contains a salad, tahini, olives, yoghurts, eggs, vegetables and a selection of meat. Various restaurants have their own twist on it.


Turn it up at a detention centre

Or rather, a former detention centre that has been converted to a popular club. Many flocks here to enjoy a good rave. The history of this club is rather interesting; it happens to be the former quarantine region during the French protectorate. However, at present, it is crawling with party-goers and thrill-seekers.


Roman temple at Baalbek

This is one of the most celebrated temples of the world and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The wine above sea level

An hour away from Oaks Beirut, known to be a popular choice of accommodation among tourists and one of the best hotels in Beirut, in the Bekaa Valley, home to the Chateau Ksara. This is known to continue the amazing talent of winemaking. There are guided tours and a museum for you to explore.


The cable car ride in Jounieh

A 9-minute ride from the Bay of Jounieh to the shrine in Harissa is a ride that must be taken if you are someone who enjoys exhilarating trips. During sunset, you are rewarded to a panoramic view of the sea that will leave you mesmerized. The Virgin Mary statue with her outstretched arms is unmissable. Climb down the spiral staircase to go to the chapel from where you can get an even better view.


Check out the art

If you are an artist or someone who appreciates art, one can go to the Beirut Art Centre that is dedicated to upcoming artists from various songs or comments.


Indulge in the Armenian dishes in Bourj Hammoud

Bourj Hammoud is a town a little further from Beirut and is home to many Armenians who were threatened during the Lebanese Civil War during which they formed a safe place along with their community. The town, therefore, has many influences from the Armenians and the most notable one is their cuisine. Try some of the popular native dishes like pastirma- cured for example.


Scour for souvenirs in downtown shops

Beirut has many reconstructed stalls and souks and is still continuing to open up more. For some great deals and beautiful souvenirs, check out the Souk Al Ahad on Sundays when the flea market is happening and experience the flair of local products, music, and food in the air.