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7 amazing things you never knew about Singapore - For the curious minds!

Singapore might be a very small country, but it has so many interesting facts that you ought to know before you head out there. Here is a list of amazing facts for the curious mind.


First Night Zoo

The first night zoo in the world is here in Singapore. The Singapore Night Safari offers an opportunity to check out nocturnal animals in their very own habitat. The zoo opened back in the year 1994 and covers an area of 35 ha with thousands of animals calling it their home. You can hop onto a 40-minute ride across the park's main features.


Manmade Waterfalls

Singapore is also the first country in the world to showcase a man-made waterfall. This was built back in that year 1971 at Jurong Bird Park. The waterfall is 30 m in height and it is the tallest one in an aviary. Besides, the tallest indoor waterfall at 35 m is also found in Singapore at the Gardens by the Bay. Besides, if you are looking for a city hall hotel in Singapore close to top attractions like these, you can check out properties like Grand Park City Hall, for instance.



What could this possibly be right? Well, Singaporeans speak very good English, however, they do tend to incorporate some of the local dialects into it. Do not be surprised to hear them add a 'lah' or 'leh' at the end of their sentences. This colloquial phrase is what gives rise to a language called Singlish.


F1 Night Race

One of the exciting moments in the calendar of Singapore is its F1 Grand Prix. Singapore was the first country to host the F1 night race. During the race weekend, there are so many opportunities to have a fun time. With concerts and races, to keep you entertained all week long. The Marina Bay Street circuit is flooded with brilliant lights making it another spectacular site in Singapore.


Green city

Well, you would've seen Singapore skyscrapers being filled with all kinds of greenery. And that is what makes Singapore one of the greenest cities in the world. There are numerous gardens and parks, however, there are hotels too that take a garden concept. Singapore has explored a lot of avenues to make this one of the greenest cities ever.


Singapore Botanical Gardens

The Singapore Botanical Gardens was titled as a UNESCO World Heritage site back in the year 2015. These gardens were founded back in the year 1859 and it is more than a hundred years older than Singapore, the modern one. The orchid garden here attracts all kinds of botanists from the world. This beautiful spectacle must be witnessed.


63 islands

This city is not just an island. That is a common misconception. Singapore is made out of 63 islands and there are 62 surrounding the mainland. This also includes Sentosa island which is a tourist hotspot offering all kinds of attractions and activities. This also means you can have one of the best beach locations here in Singapore. Make sure to visit some of these islands which are bound to dazzle you!

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