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05 Things To Pack For A Mekong River Cruise – How To Enjoy The Experience

A cruise on Mekong River is quite the treat, as you explore Southeast Asia. But one must keep in mind the hot weather and humid climate. This article advices you on things to pack for a Mekong River cruise in order to enjoy the best experience in comfort.


Take Along Plenty Of Quick Dry Clothes On Your Mekong River Cruise

Temperatures can soar to around 80-90F degrees and you need to beat the heat during your tour of the Mekong, which is why you need quick dry pants and tops. While cotton can be comfy and cool in the hot climate, the fabric also absorbs and holds a lot of moisture, a quick dry fabric, on the other hand, will keep you light and dry no matter how much you sweat. Remember to choose the quick dry fabric for your choice of underwear too. Of course a Mekong cruise with one of the luxury river cruise providers will ensure your cruise is exceedingly comfortable, with many like Mekong Kingdoms offering tailor-made packages to some of the Mekong's best attractions, especially around the historic Luang Prabang district of Laos and charming riverside villages of north Thailand.


Pack Only What You Need For The Mekong River Cruise

Pack really light since you will find an array of t-shirts and bottoms in quick drying fabric at very affordable prices around Vietnam and Laos. While prices are low, the fabric too is light and easy to take along. Do not pack heavy evening wear, a cruise on the Mekong River is quite unlike the luxury cruises in western destinations and you don't need to dress up for dinner. Instead, cool shorts and stylish tops will do for those lovely twilight dinners where a mesmerizing sunset promises to soothe mind, body and soul. Packing light means you won't be lugging around and large cumbersome bags too; not fun on a river boat. You can of course pack comfy linen dresses for the evenings; remembering to keep things cool and casual.


Take Along Enough Toiletries On Your Mekong River Cruise

Its best to pack as many toiletries as you need for your trip; in fact its best to take enough of your favourite toiletries when visiting these destinations. It's not easy to locate the type of toiletries you need and its best to be prepared. After all, you don't want to be mid-way on your cruise and run out of deodorants or shower gel; especially in all that heat.


Take The Essential Accessories

You need accessories to be simple and to the point; you need a hat to keep your head cool in the heat, a pair or shades for the glare and a shawl for the evenings when you're out on the deck. Footwear must be simple with airy sandals and water shoes the best choice.


Pack The Survival Kit

Take along a medicine pack for dealing with headaches, stomach flu and even a fever. You will also need bug spray as the delta is home to swamps and swamps breed mosquitos. Make sure to pack plenty of sunscreen to avoid those nasty burns. There you go folks, the essentials to pack for your river cruise; keep it light and simple to enjoy the best experience.

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