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Updated by Dennis Sanders on Dec 12, 2019
Headline for Conservatives and High-Speed Rail in the United States
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Conservatives and High-Speed Rail in the United States

High-Speed rail is the norm in many countries around the world in places such as China, Japan and several European countries. Why can't it come the States? There are reasons for this, and we will explain this and how the arguement for HSR has failed. This list will show how to get bipartisan support for high-speed rail inthe United States.

Conservatives and Trains - Conservative Pathways - Medium

When California Gov. Gavin Newsom said that that the extension of the Golden State’s high-speed rail project to Los Angeles was being postponed indefinitely, conservatives and libertarians piped up…

Conservatives and Trains, Part Two - Conservative Pathways - Medium

In my previous post, I discussed why conservatives in the United States are loathe to get on board with high-speed rail. In this post, I will talk about how to not to persuade conservatives in…

Conservatives and Trains, Part Three - Conservative Pathways - Medium

In Part One, I talked about why conservatives hate high-speed rail. In Part Two, I talked about the bad arguments in favor of HSR that don’t work with conservatives. In this post, I will talk about…

The Case for Portland-to-Vancouver High-Speed Rail - CityLab

At the Cascadia Rail Summit outside Seattle, a fledgling scheme to bring high-speed rail from Portland to Vancouver found an enthusiastic reception.

Amtrak’s Grand Plan for Profitability

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No Basis for Conservative Opposition to the Texas Central Rail Project

There is a serious effort being mounted in the Texas Legislature to target and stop the Texas Central Rail project. A dozen or so bills are being considered that have as their sole purpose derailing the project. Whatever the motivations behind this effort, it cannot be said that opposition to the Texas Central Rail project is based on conservative principles. In fact, those trying to stop the Texas Central Rail project in Texas are actually violating conservative principles.

This Train Made Passengers Sick: The APT Tilting Train Story

Back in the 1960s and 70s., the UK thought they had a way to bring high-speed rail to their nation. APT tilting train was not a success, but it does provide a way to get more high-speed rail in the US.