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Updated by Joanna James on Dec 11, 2019
Headline for Top 5 trade fairs in China that you must visit – Events that brought China into the spotlight
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Top 5 trade fairs in China that you must visit – Events that brought China into the spotlight

The trade fairs in China have the kind of reputation that attracts tourists; they also contribute to the country's economy on a large scale. There are five leading fairs deserving of your attention.


The impact on the Chinese economy

These trade fairs attract thousands of foreigners into the country. Apart from their custom that's worth millions, they also contribute to the tourism industry of the country. These fairs positively impact other Asia countries as well – you shouldn't be surprised if a travel agent Sri Lanka were to say that they have their hands filled with arranging tours to these fairs; tour companies like Aitken Spence Holidays has a busy time accommodating these tours. The top five trade fairs promote China as an emerging market and grab the attention of virtually every consumer in the world.


Beijing International Auto Show

The key products of the trade fair are automobile related – the fair sells automobiles and accessories. The show is held every two years – given that the last one was held in 2018, the next one will be held in 2020. No less than 2,000 exhibitors make use of the event to sell and promote their products; the number of consumers that visit the fair doesn't go below the threshold of 800,000 – this includes about 80,000 tourists. Almost every major company reserves its spot at this automobile fair. People from every corner of the world are intrigued by the merchandise offered at the Beijing International Auto Show.


The Canton Fair

The fair offers everything you could think of. There are several sessions held throughout the year, and each session is visited by 25,000 retailers and manufactures occupying 60,000 stalls. According to 2018 estimates, around 190,000 consumers attend a session alone. Half of the influx coming to the fair are Asians. The turnover of a single session is a whopping 30 billion USD. The Canton Fair is the biggest trade fair in China, and it features everything, including automobiles, gifts, consumer goods, medicines and clothing items.


The Yiwu Commodities Fair

This fair is mainly focused on consumer products. The festivity is held between October 21st and October 25th. If you were to visit the event, you'd find about 2,500 stalls with various types of commodities. The fair secures the custom of 200,000 people; not the least of which is the contribution of 24,000 foreign consumers. Although the main part of the fair takes place in the month of October, the market area is occupied by sellers during other months as well. Other trade fairs in China are a one-time affair, but the Yiwu Commodities Fair is an enterprise that continues all year long.


East China Import and Export Commodity Fair

The trade event features clothes, gifts, art, textiles, and various consumer goods. The next fair is due to be held in March 2020, which happens to be the 30th session. 4,000 tradesmen, busying 6,000 stalls, use this fair as their hunting ground for customers. In turn, about 37,000 consumers visit the fair, and 22,000 of that number happen to be foreign visitors. East China Import and Export Commodity Fair achieves a turnover worth of 2.24 billion USD. In terms of regional fairs, this particular Chinese fair is the biggest of its kind. The fair interests consumers from 100 different countries.


Bauma China

Bauma China addresses the construction demographics of the consumer market: the fair sells building material machines, construction machinery, construction equipment and construction vehicles. The 2020 exhibition is planned to be held between November 24th and November 27th. About 3,000 sellers take part in the event, and 2000 of whom are Chinese nationals. The fair stimulates consumers in 150 countries, and the number of consumers visiting the fair totals up to 200,000. Given that China has the largest construction industry, Bauma China holds a special place among the trade fairs in China – this also happens to be the largest construction fair in Asia. The list of merchandise offered at the fair details every type of construction equipment and material.

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