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Blogs for Math Teachers

Blogs by and for math teachers compiled as a web-based support group for those wishing to turn their mathematics classroom into a positive educational experience for their students.

Math-Blog: Mathematics is wonderful!

As stated on their website, “ is dedicated to promoting the beauty of Mathematics at every level.” It has been active since 2008 and accepts blog submissions and contributions from guest bloggers.

Mathematics under the Microscope | Atomic objects, structures and concepts of mathematics

This blog presents mathematics in a real-world light to assist in answering the frequently asked question “When will I ever use this?” Most topics seem to focus on high school mathematics.

The Unapologetic Mathematician

“Dr Mathochis” has numerous posts on math topics as well as astronomy, physics, and science. Most math-related posts seem to focus on secondary material, although there are several that could be of interest to younger students.

Wild About Math!

The author describes his blog as “…an expression of the delight I see all over in all things mathematical.” Below the archive list, there is also a substantial list of other math blog sites.

Patterns in Practice | the blog of the Mathematical Practices Institute

This blog is maintained by the Mathematical Practices Institute and has a lot of great ideas and information.

Learning to Fold | a work in progress

A fun blog with a little bit of everything, from math ideas to general teaching tips to commentary on “life”.

The Numbers Guy - WSJ

Carl Bialik examines the way numbers are used, and abused.


Every working day, a number with its properties is posted. Numbers-of-the-day can also be requested. Fun for mathematicians of all ages! The site also has a search option so you can search for your favorite number.

Love of Learning Blog

Fabulous blog for middle school math teachers. In the words of the blogger, “This blog explores teaching strategies, activities, and technology applications for middle school math teachers. The teaching strategies and activities in this blog reflect current research, best practices, and brain-based learning principles.”

Math in the Middle

Tips, tricks, and ideas for middle school math teachers written by a middle school math teacher. A chatty and informative style for the posts. Also has a “My Blog List” section for more math related blogs.

Middle School Math — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress

WordPress does the work for you by searching through recent blog posts for “middle school math” and displaying the results for you to review.

High School Mathematics — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress

WordPress does the work for you by searching through recent blog posts for “high school math” and displaying the results for you to review.

360 | 12 tables, 24 chairs, and plenty of chalk

360 presents math in a fun and very human format (i.e. a friend’s unique wedding cake featuring math symbols and “love” equations).


Math Notations features math investigations, math challenges, problems of the day and standardized test practice.

The Math Less Traveled | Explorations in mathematical beauty

According to the author, this blog is about “exploring the beauty in mathematics.” His discussions are interesting and often play off comments he receives from those following his blogs.

Casting out Nines

The Casting out Nines blog has an excellent perspective and discussion going on the “flipped classroom” in action.


The author of this blog is a high school mathematics teacher. The blog has articles such as practical advice for first year teachers, how to use leftover candy as an instructional tool, and investigation activities for students. There is also a “blog roll” of other math blogs to check out.

God plays dice | A mathematician blogs.

God Plays Dice is a good resource that features a weekly list of links. Other posts, however, discuss math topics and trends mostly on high school and up topics.

Math Goes Pop!

The author describes Math Goes Pop as “ruminations on the intersection between mathematics and popular culture”. There’s something here for every math teacher. Also has a list of other math blogs to visit.

Math Teacher Mambo

Math Teacher Mambo is a great resource of practical ideas for the classroom. It also has pages entitled “Blogs I Read” and “Downloadable Activities”.

Mathematics Academy

Math Academy is designed to help students enjoy math and has some great ideas and tutorials for teachers as well.

An "Old Math Dog" Learning New Tricks

Written by an experience mathematics teacher who admits that he still has a lot to learn. Don’t we all?

I Speak Math | Integrating Technology and Mathematics

A middle school math teacher shares ideas for integrating technology into the mathematics classroom. She also has a page devoted to middle school blogs.

Middle School Math Rules!

Middle School Math Teacher Extraordinaire is a fun resource for middle school math teachers full of colorful pictures and practical examples.

Algebrainiac | Let's see where this takes us in the world of teaching Math…

Algebrainiac is a good resource with lots of ideas for teaching algebra and more.