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Updated by Confounding Solutions on Feb 16, 2020
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Digital Marketing Trends

Latest Article, Blogs and news contents on Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence: ‘The Dawn of Tomorrow’s Content Marketing’ - Confounding Solutions

It has been quite some while now when the term ‘artificial intelligence’. Does not create a thoughtful remark on the faces of the people. Because now, artificial intelligence or AI has created a dynamic persona for every digital marketer. 

Video Marketing: A Top-Notch Marketing Type For 2020 - Confounding Solutions

Where nobody can reach, Camera can come out as winner with a proof. In the days to come video will be used in a wide spectrum. In terms of profitable marketing results for business and also contrary to it.

Programmatic Advertising: is it the Game-Changer for Marketing? |authorSTREAM

Yes, you read it right. Programmatic advertising will be a big thing against traditional marketing. This will a new milestone in the world of digital marketing. With ..

Programmatic Advertising: Is It The Game-Changer For Marketing | edocr

edocr is the only document marketplace to facilitate free lead generation, SEO visibility, and document selling. All in a fast, secure, and fun site.

Top 5 Digital News of 2019 You Must Know Before You Step-in For 2020

As we are proceeding towards the glorious New Year. It can happen that during the rush of this festive season, you have missed out the trending digital news of 2019. And to focus on it, the trending social media news. Which most of the social media agencies. And best digital marketers of India have an eye on. We can club up top five social media news of 2019 which will likely affect your social media strategies a bit (if you do not tame the power of it at the right time). Let’s not lose...

Count down of November, latest news updates you are missing out!

Here, in this press release, you will get to know about 6 major news that took place in the world of digital marketing this deals with devices of Amazon, Sony, Xiaomi, and Samsung hacked at Japan Event, WhatsApp new update drains battery of Android users, BERT Update by Google, Google launches Site Kit plugin for WordPress, Facebook experienced the fresh new branding and Is WhatsApp shutting its services from users from 2020. Here, you will get a complete blend of marketing news which is trending and major in the world of the technological world.

8 SEO Trends You Must Know For 2020 - Confounding Solutions

As the New Year 2020 is all set to get welcomed. Don’t you want to know which all SEO tactics and trends will help your site to rank over Google?

Social Media Audit: Make It Happen In Just 15 Mins - Confounding Solutions - Medium

Whenever we hear about audits, we are taken over by a general visualizing concept that shows a business owner is addressing a group of auditors in his cabin, show all the business expenditures…

All About Digital Marketing Solutions: Future of App Messaging And How It Will Come Up With 2.0?

Sharing a stat extended by Techpedia, it says messages have a more open rate with 98% of a successful conversion. Even one can coin this numeric against the number of emails open rate which solely burdens upon the type of message and content written on it.

5 Skyrocketing Content Marketing Trends Which Will Help Your Digital Space Get Cleared in 2020 - Confounding Solutions

Check These 2020 Content Marketing Trends. Don't Miss The Opportunities To Attract Your Customers. You Must See Before Implementing Old One.

Video Marketing 2020: The Earning Medium for Today’s Marketers - Confounding Solutions

If you want to tickle your audience's funny bone through interesting and engaging video, video marketing is your pick in 2020. And, amplify ROI smartly.

15 Expert SEO Tips You Need To Know For 2020

Ranking your site over Google is no more a dream. Embraced with Top Expert 15 SEO Tips which stands firm as a pillar for 2020 challenges.

Performance Marketing: A Success of Marketing After an Action Get Completed

If you want to pay just for the mature leads or potential traffic for your business, then go ahead and do so. Performance Marketing is your option.

Top 5 PPC Hacks That You Must Not Miss For 2020! by Confounding Solutions

If you need quick results for your business, PPC advertising is the best way that will be best to build your ROI. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a form of digital marketing way in today’s result-o...

Google January 2020 Core Update: Will Impact All Over The World

Do you know the changes marked by Google Core Update in 2020? Well, it is still in the process. Sources say it will impact across the world.

Top 12 Digital Marketing Companies in Lucknow | Best Agencies in India

Read Out This List of Top 12 Digital Marketing Companies in Lucknow. They are Most Trusted and Top Rated Digital Marketing Agencies.

Grow Your Business via Tiktok Be an Active Part of This Fastest-Growing Market

According to the latest reports by Sensor Tower Data of 2019, Tik-Tok accounts for 31% of unique installs. Being an active part of this fastest-growing market, in 2019 India alone contributed 45% to Tik-Tok’s 614 million global app installations. So, it is well a big amount where the audience is pacing up in large numbers. Now, this could be your choice if you do not want to pick the low-hanging fruit for your business and ailing ROI. 

Content Marketing: An Ultimate Guide for 2020

“It’s not the best content that wins. It’s the best-promoted content that wins.

Top 5 PPC Hacks That You Must Not Miss For 2020! | Virtual Reality in PPC Advertising | PPC Tips

PPC advertising is the best way that will be best to build your ROI. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a form of digital marketing way in today’s result-ori...

Whatsapp Crosses 5 Billion Downloads Over Google Play, Gives A Tough Fight To Facebook

WhatsApp Crosses 5 Billion Downloads over Google Play Store. And thus recently, it has been known as the most downloaded app of 2019.

Best Digital Marketing Course in Lucknow, Get it Here

Are you finding the best digital marketing course in Lucknow? Here are they, all managed with course type, time duration and fee.

Twitter Says No To Disinformation Over Coronavirus, Directs Authoritative Information Only

Recently, Twitter reports stopping fake news and disinformation over the Coronavirus outbreak in China. Twitter has come up to fight all odds of disinformation about Coronavirus over social media…

Top Trending News Of January Which Are Here To Stay For The Year

Are you missing out top tech news of January 2020? Don't bother much, it's all here. Starting from SEO trends for 2020 to Twitter removes insights elements & more.


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