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Legal & Financial Services | Swarit Advisors Is Technology Motivated Platform Establishing The Specialized Legal & Financial Advisory Services In India. We Are Dedicated To Helping Startups And MNC In Solving Legal, Taxation And Compliance Related To Starting And Running Their Business Around The World.

Online Partnership Firm Registration in India | Apply Today

Apply for partnership firm registration online at just Rs. 2999* with the help of Swarit Advisors in India. Partnership Firm Registration is optional for General Partnerships. The partnership is governed by Partnership Act 1932.

CA/Legal/Financial Services Provider Online - Free Legal Consultation

Swarit Advisors is Technology Motivated Platform Establishing The Specialized Legal & Financial Advisory Services In India. We Are Dedicated To Helping Startups And MNC In Solving Legal, Taxation And Compliance Related To Starting And Running Their Business Around The World.

Procedure for Online NGO Registration and Trust Registration in India

NGO Registration online in India under Indian Trust Act - Trust Registration can be created for the benefit of society in India, NGO Registration is a process by which the organization gets registered in Delhi India.

GST Registration Online - Enrollment for GST - New GST Registration

Apply GST Registration online at reasonable price by dedicated professionals CA/CS. Get GST Registration Online in India, Register for New GST Registration.

Apply FSSAI License Online | FSSAI Registration | Food License

FSSAI - Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is an independent body built up under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. The FSSAI has been built up under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 which is a merging resolution identified with food wellbeing and guideline in India. FSSAI Registration License is liable for securing and advancing general wellbeing through the guideline and supervision of food security.

Nidhi Company Registration Online Procedure & Applicability, Fees

Apply Nidhi Company Registration Online, Register Nidhi company for accepting deposits and loan to its members. Apply for Nidhi company registration and get certificate in 15 Days

NBFC Registration Procedure in India - NBFC License & Regulations

NBFC Registration Consultants In India, Get NBFC Registration with RBI, Non-Banking Finance company registration in India, Get NBFC License in 90 Days

How to Get GST Registration Online?

Presenting Goods and Services Tax (GST) has been a major duty change in India. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) system has effectively supplanted and streamlined the arrangement of backhanded tax collection appropriate on supply of merchandise and ventures the nation over. Elements and organizations in India are ordered to finish the GST Registration online. GST Registration is required for all vendors or elements having turnover over a predetermined edge limit.

What is NBFC Registration | How to Apply for NBFC License?

NBFC represents Non-Banking Financial Company and is enlisted under the Companies Act, 2013 and oversaw by RBI with exercises fundamentally the same as the bank aside from some significant contrasts. NBFC Registration is known to give monetary help and administrations to organizations and people.

Easy Step for NGO Registration Online in India – Swarit Advisors

A NGO or Non-Governmental Organization is essentially a non-benefit or not revenue driven association which endeavors to move in the direction of the advancement of the oppressed segments of Society. Online NGO Registration Process Why? As shoppers and contributors to our different causes, we as a whole look to authoritative sites to approve and confirm that the gifts we decide to make are going to top tier associations.


What is GST Registration Online Process in India?

What is GST Registration Online Process in India?

If you want to know about it so, I’m going to telling about GST Registration Online Process. I am doing start - If you are running a business as a proprietorship/private restricted/partnership managing offers of products and enterprises with yearly turnover surpassing 20 Lakhs (aside from barely any states for which the sum is 10 Lakhs ) then you should get GST (Goods and Services Tax Number).


NBFC Registration Online Process in India

NBFC Registration Online Process in India

If you want to know about NBFC Registration so, I’m going to telling about NBFC Registration Online Process. I am doing start - According to section 45IA of the RBI Act 1934, until and unless a non-banking financial institution obtains a certificate of NBFC registration and it does not have a Net Owned Funds of Rs. 200 lakhs, no company shall start or carry out the business in this regard.

What is Copyright Registration online process in India?

By law, copyright is the legitimate right qualified for makers of abstract, shows, music, and creative work and makers of movies and accounts. Copyright registration in India concedes its owner elite, sole rights to disseminate, repeat, imitate the work or offer approval to another substance for the equivalent.

Eligibility Criteria Acquire MSME Registration Certificate - Swarit Advisors

India is a hub of the corporate world that engulfs several companies from small scale to multinational organizations. However, to reach the top of the competitive pedestal, one needs to start small. All the medium and startup companies have played a vital role in uplifting the economy of India. The preliminary requirement to run any small and medium scale enterprises is to obtain an MSME registration certificate.

How to Get NGO Registration Certificate in India – Swarit Advisors

Signed Memorandum along with necessary documents are submitted with Registrar of Societies of the concerned state along with the applicable fees for the issuance of an NGO Registration Certificate.

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NGO Registration in India: Procedure, Document Required - Financial Service Providers in India-SwaritAdvisors

Obtaining DSC and DIN The first step for NGO Registration Online in Quite a while is to acquire Directors' DSC (Digital Signature Certificate). In the wake of accepting DSC, they have to document Form DIR-3 with the Registrar of Companies, and solicitation for a DIN (Director Identification Number). After the confirmation of records and structures, RoC will favor and apportion DIN to the executives.

Obtain the NBFC license, if you intend to enter into Indian Financial Market. NBFCs have nowadays people’s preferred choice over traditional banks as NBFCs has a quick loan sanctioning process. NBFCs are preferred because it ascertains the loan eligibility of an applicant faster when compared to the banks. The entire process is online. You must have Net Owned Fund of Rs. 2 Crore to Apply for NBFC License Online.

What is the Process of NGO Registration in India | Swaritadvisors

An NGO or non-governmental organization is an entity which is not for profit but is created for the welfare of the poorer areas of the society or those who are backward or for a specific reason. The motive of the NGO firm Setup in India could be ecological, related to human or animal’s right, enhancing the healthcare for youngsters, awareness about an art, etc. Numerous NGOs are sometimes fronts for political interests.
For more information about it so visit at NGO Registration Process in India

What is the Procedure for Applying for Non Banking Financial Company?

Each of the non-banking financial company must compulsorily obtain commencement of their business certificate from the reserve bank of India. It is well defined under section 45 IA of the reserve bank of India RBI act. Also, the non-banking financial company won’t at all commence its business of non-banking financial institution without obtaining an NBFC Registration certificate. This certificate is issued by the reserve bank of India.

The NBFC Registration certificate or an NBFC license can easily be obtained mostly within the time span of 90 days to 120 days which is about 3 to 4 months.

What is NBFC Registration in India | Swaritadvisors

The NBFC Registration in India or the NBFC license takes about 90 to 120 days. In this article, we'll explore what an NBFC is in India. The NBFC shall never commence or ever carry on their business of a non-banking financial institution, not without obtaining the NBFC Registration certificate which is issued by the Reserve bank of India. The NBFC Registration in India or the NBFC license takes about 90 to 120 days. In this article, we’ll explore what an NBFC is in India? And what it does? And what to do to register it if you decide to start one or have one?

DRUG LICENSE: Concept and Checklist for Registration

Command is exercised over drugs from the stage of raw material during manufacture, sale, and distribution and up to the time it is moved on to a consumer or patient by a Pharmacist in hospital, retail pharmacy or a dispensary. In the year 1964, Unani and Ayurvedic drugs were also incorporated under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940. However, a particular business entity may require diverse types of drug license based on their business activities. In this article, we look at the process of acquiring a drug license in India.