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Updated by Nick Kellet on Nov 13, 2015
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Triberr Vision


Blog Amplification Platform

The basic principle of Triberr is that each member shares their latest blog posts, and other members amplify the blog by sharing each other's posts to Twitter, as well as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Members join Tribes based around specific topics and categories so that each blogger is sharing and reading blogs from other similar bloggers.

Triberr currently boasts over 50,000 tribes and over 2,000,000 visitors a month sent to member blogs.


Quality Trumps Reach

Quality Trumps Reach

What's important though to Dino is putting authors first. "It's not about the reach," he says, "but about the quality." He's referring both to the quality of content, but also the quality of user experience. Clearly Triberr has been providing a great user experience so far, as evidenced by the support received during their outage, but Dino and team aren't satisfied.


Readable / Parseable / Rebloggable

Readable / Parseable / Rebloggable

By the end of the month, Triberr plans to release a new and improved reader system.

Members will have the ability to read every single post, in its entirety, regardless of the blog's original platform.

Triberr members will be able to reblog any post they want! Whether they're using WordPress or not, whether the plugin is installed or not, Triberr bloggers will be able to have their blog posts syndicated to countless other blogs.

An additional benefit to the new system is that comments will be consistent wherever a specific post is reblogged. If I comment on a post within Triberr, or on any of the sites that reblogged that post, my comment will show up everywhere. This brings an amazing level of community and engagement to your posts!

You will be able to see all of these comments, and respond to these comments, right from within Triberr, allowing each blogger an unprecedented opportunity to easily interact with each blog's specific community and readers.

You can see an example here, and here

The two articles looks identical, comments are consistent across sites, and even the Twitter share button automatically mentions the original author (via @dinodogan) regardless of blog site.


"Oprah Effect"

"Oprah Effect"

Dino refers to this syndication system as the "Oprah Effect." He said that Oprah doesn't care what network or TV station carries her show, as long as it's on the air and virtually syndicated. Allowing your blog posts to be so easily reblogged, and to completely eliminate broken and disjointed comment discussion, is a brilliant innovation for the blogging world.