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Updated by Hotshelf India on Jan 20, 2020
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Ayurvedic Products, Herbs Seeds Online

Buy / Sell Ayurvedic products online. Save upto 75% off.

Myrobalan / Bal Harada / Choti Harad / Hirdo / Harana / Aiate / Harade / Hirda / Divya / Haritaki

Myrobalan is a very famous and ancient herb used in Ayurvedic combo known Triphala. Ayurvedic Product For Hyperacidity


Chandan ki Lakdi | Pure Sandalwood Stick Online

Chandan ki Lakdi | Pure Sandalwood Stick Online

Get 50g chandan ki lakdi or pure sandalwood stick online from Hotshelf India. Save upto 60% off with free shipping.

Arjun Chhal / Terminalia Arjuna / Arjun Bark / Neermaruthu / Thella Maddi / Kumbuk/ Murudha Maram

The bark of Arjun tree is considered as a great tonic of heart disease. Used for high BP, increased cholesterol and obesity. Arjun Chhal is used to stop wound bleeding.


Gomati Stone | Gomati Chakra | Naag Chakra Online | 11 Pcs

Gomati Stone | Gomati Chakra | Naag Chakra Online | 11 Pcs

#Gomati Chakra for Good Health, Wealth & prosperity. Also known as #naagchakra to cure naga dosha. So, visit Hotshelf India & buy gomati stone online (11pcs) in India up to 70% off with free shipping.

Indian Dried Amla | Amlakanthi | Dried Gooseberry - Hotshelf India

Used for various medical purposes, dried amla is used for various ailments such as fever, liver disorder, indigestion, anemia, heart complaints and urinary problems.So, buy dried amla from Hotshelf at upto 70% off.

250g Ashwagandha | Winter Cherry | Asgandha Save upto 70%

Ashwagandha is widely used to treat depression & helps in weight loss. Buy winter cherry or ashwagandha from HOTSHELF at upto 70% off.

Badi Elaichi | Greater Cadamom | Save upto 60% off

Hotshelf provides greater cardamom or badi elaichi online & save upto 60% off. It has an antioxidant stimulant, stomachic, antispasmodic, appetizer and astringent properties.

Black Jeera | Kaddu Jeera | Bitter Cumin - 200 g - Upto 70% off

Upto 70% off - Kadu jeera or black cumin seeds-250g from Hotshelf India. Best for weight loss, skin problems & diabetes.

Chir Gond / Salai Gaund / Gum Acacia Arabica / Dink / Babul Gondh / Laddu Gond / बबूल गोंद – 100g

The chir gond helpsKeep Bodies Warm During Winter Season Very Good For Arthritis The Gond Ladoo Are Delicious And Very Good For Overall Health. Save upto** 70% off on 100 g Babul Gondh** on Hotshelf today!