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Updated by Avi Ben Ezra on Dec 09, 2019
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5 Reasons Why Applicable AI is Going to Be a Gamechanger

AI is going to change a lot of things, especially when it becomes widely available.



Up to this point, not many businesses adopted AI technology. Data shows that only around 20% of companies are using it. However, there are noticeable indications that this is going to change soon. The main reason for this is the advancement of machine learning, more specifically, deep learning.

AI is evolving and improving quickly, and there is a bright future ahead. But how is AI going to be used in various industries and business organizations? We can already see some applications of AI throughout different sectors.

Here is how this technology can help with various challenges that industries are facing today.


Impact on Ecommerce

Countless AI-powered software solutions rely on machine learning to organize and track large volumes of images. This makes it easy to classify these databases and search through their contents. We have already seen the use of these kinds of software with large online retailers.

Having the option to mark product images automatically with the right attributes, classifications, and all supporting information makes organizing the product catalog easier. This also means that customers will be able to search and filter out products according to their needs.


Changes to healthcare

When it comes to healthcare, AI has the potential to improve diagnosis in terms of accuracy, predict precise prescriptions, reduce costs, and improve patient care overall. We can now see the use of AI chatbots in healthcare. Patients use them to contact their doctors, book appointments, and give updates.

If necessary, they can also use these solutions to consult their doctors. The best AI chatbots can mine patient content throughout their conversations and give quality information to healthcare providers. This makes it easier to suggest proper care for each patient individually and make an accurate diagnosis.


Marketing automation

We are already witnessing a rapid development of automation. It’s seen both in manufacturing and marketing, and it carries a lot of value because it improves operations, increases efficiency, and reduces the need for human labor. However, there are already AI marketing automation systems that can predict potential opportunities and classify leads.

On the other hand, this kind of technology can be utilized in manufacturing to track all processes by monitoring all input data. This way, the system would be able to recognize potential issues and prevent them by shutting down the production line.


Big data structuring and analysis

AI has so many potential applications that extend beyond any business industry. All big companies today rely on big data and analytics to improve their processes, decision-making, and come up with new business incentives. Big data implies enormous volumes of information gathered daily.

All of this information needs to be stored categorically and analyzed to draw valuable conclusions. This is where various AI software with powerful machine learning come into play. They can process data quickly, use predictive capabilities, and logical functionalities to provide relevant data to businesses and their management.


Self-driving vehicles

The fact that AI has been able to shift products, services, and processes across various industries only show the potential of this technology. One of those significant impacts is self-driving cars, and you don’t need to be a tech geek to understand just how big this is. When effectively developed, autonomous vehicles could lead to a reduction in traffic accidents and deaths.

Companies will be able to increase their efficiency, increase profits, and reduce costs. There are examples like Tesla’s Autopilot feature that is used today. However, the company is already working on its “full self-driving” system, and it’s expected to be released really soon.



AI is on the verge of going mainstream, and we can only count the days until this happens. AI has the potential of being the second most impactful technology after computers. It will affect all industries and institutions but also regular people and their everyday lives.

These are just some of the areas where we expect that AI is going to find its place first. Are you ready to embrace AI? What potential do you see for this technology?