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Categorical Lists of Movies that Fit Your Mood

We are making AI assisted movie recommendations. Thus, We know the movies that people will like. We are passionately creating and curating great movie lists that you will love. This film list collection will be expanded in time.
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The Great Art House Movies

Art House films are primarily concerned about aesthetic reasons rather than commercial profit. Typically, Unconventional narrative and elements are widely seen due to targeting a niche audience rather than the mass audience.
An Art House film is mostly prioritise the independent view of its director due to the nature of being produced independently from major studios. Artistic and experimental elements, and symbolic content are quite common in Art House films.

The Most Controversial Movies of All Times

We have compiled the most controversial films of the cinema. You will see the works of many great directors like Luis Bunuel, Ingmar Bergman, Gaspar Noe, Pier Pablo Pasolini, Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg etc.

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The Great Mind Blowing / Thought Provoking Movies

As the world's most complex art form, cinema offers us new ideas, new ways of thinking about something. Although it is very important to gaining a new ideas, the more important thing is to rethink what we assume is we already know.

The thought provoking movies that we curate for you examine thoroughly the questions that we have never thought of or paid enough attention to. The list has includes various provoking movies that will astonish you with a wide variety of interesting topics like time travel, mental illness, falling in love with an unexpected attitudes.

The Great Feeling Good Movies

These are the movies what we call it feel good movies. They have ability to touch your heart. They make us be inspired, make us to think about lifel, and ive passionately through the stories they tell us. Whenever you are feeling down, you can simply watch one of these movies.

We don't mean exactly these films makes you happy, sometimes a sad film will remind us again what is valuable and what we have is more valuable than what we don't have. We compiled these films that will leave a warm feeling and good vibes on you.

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The Best LGBTQ+ Movies of All Times

LGBT movement has gained their civil right in many countries, after many centuries of persecution, shame, suppression, and secrecy. We have entered a time which there is plenty of LGBT movies are releasing in mainstream. Starting from the 2010's, queer cinema's influence evolved towards a more universal audience.

The film list that we compiled consists of many really good LGBT+ movies. Some of are the love stories between the same sex people, some of them shed light on LGBT+ people's life. We also included many great movies from the list of British Film Institute's best LGBT films of all time.

Also, It is not easy to distinguish queer cinema and LGBT+ cinema for us because queer cinema already existed before the such specific genre labeled as queer cinema. Considering this we have decided to give LGBT+ name to this movie list.

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The Best Cyberpunk Movies Of All Times

Cyberpunk is classified as a subgenre of science-fiction and tends to focus on a combination of "high-tech low-life. Cyberpunk deals with the radical changes in the social order while humanity achieving technological and scientific developments.

In general, Cyberpunk intentionally disturbs the audiences in order to call them to act as a 'rebellious way' against the threat of governments, corporations etc...

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The Great Movies That Based On True Stories

In this list, which does not shift to alternative history scenarios when describing historicality, you will find many historically important and/or inspirational figures and also events such as victories, wars, and genocides.

You will see excellent performances that brings oscar award in the category of actors in a leading role to the performer such as Ray, Capote, Lincoln movies. Also you will see Mark Zuckerberg and the process of the establishment of the social media giant Facebook in the David Fincher's Social Network. Queens' Freddie Mercury in the Bohemian Rhapsody and etc.

In addition to these semi-biographical works, there are also movies that shed light on and remembers the historical events and traumas such as holocaust era movie Schindler List, and chronologically recent Rwandan genocide in the movie Hotel Rwanda which is about one million murder happened in three months.

Pixly- The Great Movies That Passed The Bechdel Test

What Is Bechdel Test

Bechdel test is a simple test that used as an indicator for the active presence of women in the fiction and to call attention to gender inequality.The test was popularized by Alison Bechdel's comic Dykes to Watch Out For, in a 1985 strip called The Rule. Passing the test doesn't mean the film is a good movie, or it is a feminist movie it just points out a systematic problem in the cinema industry.

What Are The Bechdel Rules?

There are three criteria that a movie or a fiction should provide these in order to pass the Bechdel test

  • It has to have at least two women whose names are given before or after.
  • Those women must talks to each other in any scene.
  • This talk must be about something besides a man.
The Best Mystery Movies of All Time

The category of mysterious films often revolves around the solution of a problem, the relationship between the perpetrator of the sequence of mysterious events or the mysteries. Mystery films mainly focus on solving a crime or a puzzle and make the audiences curious by hiding important causes.

Generally, the expectations and forecasts of the audiences are readjusted and delayed on every new event until the end of the movie. By doing this, filmmakers deliberately provoke the mind of the audiences and create mental engagement. Also, mystery films often use the power of sound from an unseen source to engage the audience's interest or manipulate the expectations of the audiences like in horror movies. At the end of these films, many questions are answered but some of them are left to the mystery movie audiences.

Early mystery films date back to the silent period of cinema. Sherlock Holmes Baffled (1903) is considered the first example of such detective-mystery films. Let us give some information about the best mystery movies before you can see them. In genres that depend on mystery and suspense for their effects, the narrative often withholds information, forcing us to fill in the gaps, teasing and tempting us with possible solutions to mysteries that are not completely resolved until the end of the film.

This is a very broad genre and it is possible to include many sub-genres like; murder-mystery, crime-mystery, horror-mystery, mystery-thriller, drama-mystery, psychological-thriller-mystery, detective movies etc.

Due to the many sub-genres of mystery films and there are plenty of popular must-see mystery movies, we've decided that it is more appropriate to make an archive-wide list rather than 5-10 top-rated list of mystery films. That's why we named it the best mystery films of all time. Although this is a large movie list, you can narrow your search with corresponding IMDb rating or production year by doing this you can still find, for example, the good mystery movies of 2019 or which year do you prefer. We continuously expand the list by adding new mystery movies.

Pixly - The Great Movies That Focus on Rich Dialogues

Cinema is also a verbal tool as well as a visual one. Some films come to the fore with their rich dialogues without compromising their visual and audio values.There are even some that a whole film is almost exclusively among people in a room. Sometimes the dialogue itself can be very striking, and sometimes dialogues step by step forms a great narrative.

The Movies That Are Based On Great Video Games

The size of the game industry has surpassed the size of the cinema industry many years ago. Hollywood studios who want to get a share from the game industry have made many movies that are based on video games. We are not saying that the movies are great, but people want to see their favourite game on the white screen. We included movies that are based on the great and legendary games. This legendary games can make a nostalgic effect on you. You will see a bunch of great video games like

  • Resident Evil (Remember The Raccoon City and those zombies?)
  • Prince of Persia (The one of the oldest video game that has many versions on many platforms)
  • The Silent Hill (and its foggy weather)
  • Need For Speed
  • Max Payne (the famous slow-time effect that remembered us Neo from The Matrix)
  • Hitman
  • And the Blizzard's legendary Warcraft (who shows the world how should massively multiplayer game be)
10 Scary Virus Outbreak Movies

Epidemics have become one of our fears while the Corona virus has spread all over the world. See the virus and bacteria infection movies.