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Web Design & Digital Marketing in Melbourne


Hiring a web designer: 3 crucial things you should consider

Planning to hire a web designer for your business website? This is a crucial decision for the overall development of your business. Here are some tips that can help you choose the best web designer for your project.

3 ways how roller shutters help save energy and cost

If you’re ready to lower your cost of living while increasing your home’s aesthetic, you might consider installing roller shutters. By offering control over direct sunlight and heat, these rolling shutters save energy drastically a, lowering your overall cost of living. Read full story now!

Top 5 graphics-driven UI trends to look for in 2020

Tell the story about your brand and act as an important part of the UI design with Graphic-driven UI. To create websites that catch the user’s imagination, e-commerce companies have introduced the concept of asymmetrical layouts, small interactive elements, 3D graphics etc. Read full story!

How semantic HTML5 tags can boost organic search rankings?

It is important to have a website with search engine-friendly characteristics so that it can be ranked on most recommended places. But if you aren’t using SEO-friendly features of coding languages, your website will not follow the rankings required for its pages. Read full story and learn the tactics for organic rankings with web design experts from Point Cook, Melbourne.

4 tips by experts to improve the performance of your website by Digital Pieces

Having issues in improving performance of your brand’s website? Don’t worry! Read full story to know more and let us help you in this. Being one of the best design agencies in Australia, situated in Point Cook, Melbourne, we provide creative web design & development services including e-commerce store development, digital marketing services and business/brand website design services across Australia.

4 ways psychology impacts the colour decision for your web design

Being website designers, we know all the design and user experience factors, which matter a lot when it comes to meet the user’s perspective when browsing a website. So, we’ve considered the most important factor of web design, which is directly related to UX i.e. colour theme of a website. Read full story to know more in details.

How COVID-19 has impacted the UI/UX design market in 2020

This year, COVID-19 has impacted most of the industries and it caused loss of goods, economy and much more. In this blog, you’ll get to know about the impacts of COVID-19 on web design and UI/UX design markets across the globe. Learn with a competent website Development Company from Melbourne. Read full story!

5 key elements that can make your website successful

A website provides you ultimate opportunities to boost your business. So, it is important for you to put efforts to enhance its user experience. Here are 5 elements that can make your website successful.

Why Hire A Professional Web Design Agency For Your Business?

A website designer agency can help you in a lot more ways than you think. For example they can help in developing a responsive, live streaming; high speed website & they can even design unique new design which hasn’t been seen before in software industry. If you have an idea for online store, live chat or for WordPress development, Get a quote from Digital Pieces Now!

How Bounce Rate Increases When Visitors Leave the Website Too Soon

Website traffic & its user engagement depends totally upon website’s design, speed & user-friendly elements. If you are seeking solutions to improve your website’s user engagement & decrease its bounce rate so this list of ideas belong to you. You can have your solution by implementing these 3 things on your website.

Web Development: Choosing the best platform for your website

Yes, it’s important to use the right platform for your business website or personal website because every platform has its unique & special features. Learn about website design and development platforms that are best-suited for your website.

5 Ways better UI/UX design can help your website gain more traffic and more leads

Being an expert in UI/UX and website design in Melbourne and all across Australia, we suggest some advanced hacks, which you can implement to your website to convert more leads organically on the website. Read more.

5 Ways professional web designers can change the game for your business

Curious to know the ways of website designing, which can boost your business in a few weeks? Check out the facts and performance improvement metrics for business websites performing below expectations. Learn more in detail!

Website Design Tips with Experts from Melbourne

Developing a website with good UX is important for every developer whether it takes months or week to develop it. Being a designer in Melbourne, if you’ve been creating website’s user experience in a wrong way, it can lead to a real development issue in future. Before this happens, learn here & avoid these common UI & UX myths UI designers believe till date.

5 things to keep in mind while selecting a website design agency for your business

Confused about choosing a digital service provider agency for website designing? Don’t worry! You’ll no longer face this confusion. Read here & learn what factors should be taken care when selecting an agency.

UX Designs That Have Changed The Game In 2020

Having a well-structured website design always helps designer to improve website’s user experience but if it will not work for you, what else you can do? You’ll find the answers to this question, right in this blog. Read full story now!

Why Hire A Professional Web Design Agency For Your Business?

If you are willing to know about a quality website which can only be created by a web design agency in Melbourne location, you’ll find all the answers to your questions here. A website should be responsive, dynamic, user & search engine-friendly with custom design & high speed.

Reasons To Hire A UI/UX Designer For Your Business -Digital Pieces

A business website needs a lot of features, which includes responsiveness, automated chatbots, ecommerce & payment gateway integration, live video/audio etc. But it also needs high speed webpage loading along with all these features. Read in details here.

Hire the Best Website UI and UX Designer Agency in Melbourne

Get high-quality website created with best website designers in Melbourne providing unique UI/UX for websites. Visit us online at or call us right now at +61393955916.

Top 5 Web Design Trends You Should Check Out In 2020 -Digital Pieces

Develop your website by following these tips in trend this year to make website more user-friendly, smooth & search engine-friendly. Read full story now at (Web Design Company).

Most Trusted Website Design Agency Melbourne, Australia

Having issues in website design or website’s loading speed, don’t worry! We develop responsive websites with search engine recommended website speed & SEO friendly content. Visit our website now!

Website Design & Development Insights to Improve Engagements–Digital Pieces

Do you want to know some basic website design/development features & technicalities, which can improve user engagement & needed visits on website pages. Read the insights from “Digital Pieces”, where we have added result-oriented data into weekly insight updates on our website. You can also join our newsletter updates via email. Stay tuned for updates!

Rising Bounce Rate: What makes visitors leave your website so soon?

Facing issues because of the bounce rate & exit rate on your website? Mark these reasons, which can make your website boring as well as non-user-friendly.
This blog includes a summary of all the major components of a website, which can lead to bad user experience, if not implemented correctly. Read more here

Melbourne Website Design Company-Digital Pieces

Hire top website designers from Digital Pieces (the best web design agency located in Australia) to design your website at an affordable price in Melbourne. We have developed websites for every type of businesses such as media & entertainment companies, Consulting firms, real estate businesses & ecommerce websites etc. Read more by clicking on above “Title”.

Top Web Design & Development Company in Melbourne

Hire Digital Pieces for your creative web design & development needs. We deliver compelling website designs to our clients in Melbourne, Point Cook & Werribee. Get your website plan now with experts from Digital Pieces! Write us at