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Updated by digitalpiecesau on Mar 19, 2021
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Web Design & Digital Marketing in Melbourne


5 video ideas you can use for your website to generate more leads

If your website is not retaining visitors for expected time then having videos embedded on website can help your website in many ways. In this blog, we have combined all the video ideas to generate more through your website. Read the full story now to learn from website development expert in Melbourne!

5 reasons why your website content is important for lead generation

When your website content is not engaging and optimised for user’s point of views, it will not retain viewers for long reading and leads. So, here we have compiled reasons for publishing right content on your website, which will help you get minimum exit rate and maximum leads from website. Read the full story now!

Top Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out in 2021 and Beyond

Want to know what digital marketing trends are going to hit the market in 2021? Here’s a vital piece of writing to help you leverage your online presence in 2021. Changes are inevitable in every sphere, including digital marketing. What digital marketing trends are going to influence your business in 2021? Want to know? Check out this article.

5 compelling reasons why you need a mobile-friendly website in 2021

Today, creating a mobile-friendly website is imperative in order to grow your online business. Responsive web development platforms can help in improving your websites for every kind of device & users. Get help from our web design experts in Melbourne for quick custom website design quote for your business. And here are a few good reasons why your website needs to be responsive. Read the full story now!

Designing your website as per user psychology: 5 tips to do it right

Get website designing tips as per user’s perspective, which can help you improve your website’s user experience, exit rate and user interactions by optimising it. We being one of the best web design & development companies in Melbourne, Australia provide our readers information which can help them resolve every issue they are facing on their website. Read the full story now!

Web design tips: Improving customer experience and engagement online

Having a bad bounce rate or exit rate on your website? Getting tips to increase customer retention and engagement online can be helpful for your website. Go check our web design tips blog which includes tips and tricks from our best UX design experts to improve customer experience and engagement. Get in touch with Digital Pieces online!

Creating an engaging UI: How it helps in retaining customers?

Read our recent blog on how we use UI to retain online customers on our website. These ideas will help improve UI with compelling design, dynamic CTAs, strong information sharing, and optimise user’s point of view. Subscribe to our newsletter to get more insights from Digital Pieces (a creative digital agency in Melbourne) in future.

UI/UX design trends that are coming in 2021

In today’s fast-paced digital culture, every business is looking for better user experience on their digital apps and websites as UX increases the trust and fun element of using digital platforms. Read the full story at Digital Pieces to know more UI and UX design trends for 2021.

5 compelling reasons why you need a mobile-friendly website in 2021

Today, creating a mobile-friendly website is imperative in order to grow your online business. Here are a few good reasons why your website needs to be responsive. Read the full story at

The future of online shopping: 7 changes e-commerce stores need to make in 2021

Looking ahead to the future, e-commerce stores need to adapt new technologies to be in line with e-commerce trends to boost their sales and services. Here, we have shared some important ideas to boost your e-commerce business quickly by taking advantages of new e-commerce trends for your website re-design.

5 frustrating reasons why your website loading speed is slow

Check out this informative article where our experienced web design experts from our Melbourne office would like to discuss some of the most common reasons for slow loading websites.

E-commerce web design mistakes to avoid in 2021

To avoid this common e-commerce web design mistake, you should focus on offering a checkout process that takes not many steps for purchasing a product. For this, have a simplified checkout design, minimise your registration process with one-click social logins and don’t use multiple payment windows. Learn more features which improves users behaviour on your website!

Web development tips for the holiday season

Hiring the right agency to develop and design your website this holiday season is a good idea. As we can see, most businesses are doing efforts to improve their platform’s customer behaviour to the next level. Get all the insights shared in this blog now!

Managing the rising demand with competent web design post COVID-19

As we know that almost every business is dealing with decrease in demand or decrease in their online visitors these days but, some businesses utilised this to improve their online platforms or stores or services. See the insights shared in this blog from our web designers in Melbourne which will help you learn about post COVID-19 demands.

Emotional web designs: What is the role of emotions in UI/UX design?

Being a competent web design and UI/UX design company, we know how important it is to put your emotions in designs that you create along with the interactive elements for better online sales. Get to know more in details with Digital Pieces!

WordPress website development: A deep dive into one of the best CMS platforms

Planning to develop your business website but don’t know which platform to opt for? Here is an article where we have discussed - Why WordPress is a great CMS to meet your needs? Why WordPress is one of the most popular CMSs in the world? Want to find out? Check out this article.

Shift to e-commerce: How COVID-19 led to a widespread adoption of online business?

With the help of a leading web development agency in Melbourne, let’s take a dive into the information about e-commerce sector & an impact of COVID-19 on online stores and business websites. Read the full story here!

How iOS development gained more popularity in Australia?

Here is a blog post where our Melbourne web design firm would like to discuss the ever-increasing popularity of iOS development in Australia. Apple and iOS development gained more popularity in this decade than they’ve ever gained for any other product. Read full story now!

Animated explainer videos: Why your business needs them?

Learn about animated explainer videos and how they help businesses. Technology-based businesses make videos with the help of some animation tools, which can simply explain the concept of the video to viewers through text, gestures, audio and animation objects. Read full story now!

4 effective tips to create visually appealing websites - DEV

The web design of your website is the first impression on your visitors. So, you need to make it look visually appealing. Here are a few effective tips to help you out.

Website redesign in 2020: a comprehensive guide

Leaf through a quick guide for website redesign in 2020 created by experts at a renowned digital agency in Melbourne. We design, develop and promote websites with our number of digital services across Australian areas. Additionally, you’ll learn about UI and UX design factors from experts. Read full story now!

5 effective tips for creating responsive web designs

Having issues in website’s performance across devices is a common problem people face on web these days. If your website is facing the same issue then these tips are for you! You can fix the responsive design of your website with the help from UI/UX designers from Melbourne. Read more!

Hiring a web designer: 3 crucial things you should consider

Planning to hire a web designer for your business website? This is a crucial decision for the overall development of your business. Here are some tips that can help you choose the best web designer for your project.

3 ways how roller shutters help save energy and cost

If you’re ready to lower your cost of living while increasing your home’s aesthetic, you might consider installing roller shutters. By offering control over direct sunlight and heat, these rolling shutters save energy drastically a, lowering your overall cost of living. Read full story now!

Top 5 graphics-driven UI trends to look for in 2020

Tell the story about your brand and act as an important part of the UI design with Graphic-driven UI. To create websites that catch the user’s imagination, e-commerce companies have introduced the concept of asymmetrical layouts, small interactive elements, 3D graphics etc. Read full story!