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Updated by SemiDot InfoTech on Nov 25, 2020
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All about the latest technology.

5 tech skills that will help you earn more in 2020

There are a lot of tech streams out there, the ones listed here consists of something for everyone. If you are a developer of web development company & coder by heart, AI and React are great choices for you, if you are into management SEO and Blockchain would be a great choice for you.

Is WordPress Right for You? WordPress Review 2020

We all know what WordPress is, or at least have heard about it some time or the other. WordPress is a content management system, the largest blog creation website, and the choice for website creation of millions of currently up and running websites. What makes WordPress popular is how it can be…

Hottest Startup Accelerators in 2019

Startups are booming & entrepreneurs around the world are coming with life-changing ideas. Let's find out the hottest startup accelerators in 2019. Here are 10 tips to ensure your startup doesn’t fail.

Your Complete Guide to Hiring Web Developers (From Start to Finish)

Before going on hiring web developers, you need to plan, to avoid improvising on your project. Having the perfect plan is the first step towards a great website.

5 Resolutions for the Next Decade [Developers Special]

The best new year's, and in this case new decade, resolutions are ones that allow you to grow further while also helping the community. Fitness goals and health are to be considered too, even though they weren’t mentioned explicitly here. Being a Python or a PHP developer doesn’t really matter, what matters is an ideology to work on your interest while doing your regular job.

Revamping Your Website: How Much Website Redesign Costs?

Creating a new design is cheaper than revamping the old. Read the factors that will play a very major part in determining the cost to revamp your website.

All You Need to Know About Latest PHP Version 7.4

PHP 7.4 new features are sure to make coding in PHP less complicated, easier, and would significantly reduce redundant code, and time to code. We know how far it has come, but we believe it is only the beginning of the creation of a perfect web development language. PHP is definitely ahead of everyone on the race to be the perfect web development language, and the timely updates PHP gets, prove it all the more.

Machine Learning vs Deep Learning - A Detailed Comparison

Both ML and DL go hand in hand to bring out the best of each, while continuously helping AI advance. As a matter of fact, Python is the preferred development language of machine learning as well as deep learning.

Apps That Will Leverage Augmented Reality in 2020

Looking for a high-quality app for your business in 2020, do leverage AR. If you don’t know how AR can make your app successful, consult our AR developers!

What You Need to Know for Hiring a Python Developer

There is a lot more to hiring Python developers than the others, for the fact that Python has more applications than most other development languages. Keep all the above points in mind while hiring Python developers and you will be sorted for many things.

How to Measure the ROI of Chatbots? - Chatbots Life

Weighing in all these metrics, calculating how much workload is split when using chatbots, all without compromising user experience, is the only way to calculate the true ROI from chatbots. As a bit of advice, fake chatbot development companies may tell you how you can lay off all your support staff, never believe that stuff.

Top AI Development Trends for 2020

There have been some serious breakthroughs in AI in the previous decade, we believe it’s only going to get better further ahead from here. AI development trends in 2020 surely hold real potential, with technologies that complement AI advancing rapidly.

Top Reasons to Choose React JS in 2020?

Businesses are being skeptical about using ReactJS for their web app development. If you are one of them, learn the top reasons to use React JS development in 2020.

How much does chatbot development costs in 2020

Building the right chatbot for your business is not easy. In this blog, find how much does it cost to develop a chatbot and what factors determine cost. You Can easily hire chatbot developers, to get customized solutions developed per their business needs.

PHP vs. Python vs. Ruby: Which programming language is better

Are you confused in choosing the perfect language for your project? Get a detailed comparison of PHP vs Python vs Ruby, to make the right decision.

The Importance of Artificial Intelligence for Businesses

The importance of AI is all the more prominent now, as businesses need the information to proceed forward in the global economy, and one-up their competitors. Look for a top AI development company instead, as, through their experience, they will know what the best AI solution for your business would be.

Digital Transformation Trends to look forward for Businesses

Digital transformation not only improves the customer experience but also helps businesses manage their employees and speed up the operations. Learn some of the most awaited techniques that can completely change how a business works and which can prove to be very helpful.

POS Development Solutions

Semidot Infotech is a top-rated POS development company that helps to create smart and scalable retail POS solutions. Hire POS developers to get POS solutions for your business.

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