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Updated by Impulse Digital on Apr 18, 2021
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Tips to Boost Your Google My Business Profile

Lately searches for keywords such as “near me” has increased. According to Google’s Data, U.S. purchase intent keywords, since 2016, has risen from keywords like “can I buy”, “to buy” to “near me” by over 500%. It is evident that keyword – near me, is being used extensively by searchers to look for something nearby in their vicinity at a particular period of time.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing?

2019 is coming to an end and the world has advanced a long way in terms of technology! If not flying but self-driven cars have become a reality now. Of all the new advanced technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has grabbed a lot of attention of late. AI is the science that builds intelligent machines that can think and act like we humans.

Email Marketing Trends 2020 for the Success of Small Businesses

We are all aware of how marketing has evolved from offline to online from the early 2000s and how businesses are adapting to online marketing through various digital marketing platforms available to them to make their brand heard. Brands are making sure they have an online presence today, because the digital world constantly adjusts, adapts, and advances with the shifting technology landscape.

Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

As technology keeps evolving, the marketplace continues to become more and more digital. The benefits of digital marketing are aplenty as consumers are more into researching products online before making any decision. Most businesses work on a limited budget, which makes them brood over what type of marketing strategy to invest in. They try to spend it wisely as they want to get the best out of it.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Festive Season

Is your business ready for the festive season? In today’s digital world, it’s essential for businesses to strategize and leverage the festive season for additional market gains. This digital era has brought the world onto fingertips, bridging the gap between the customers & businesses.

How Instagram Stories Help Businesses

Do you really think Instagram posts are better than a story for a business and a brand? Does the relevance of the content disappear with the story?

Everything You Need to Know About Digital Marketing!

Digital marketing involves the creation, promotion, and maintenance of the online presence of a brand/business/organization through various platforms. Digital marketing has increased the interaction between the business/brand with its target audiences through different channels.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategy for New Brands

Coming up with a digital marketing strategy for a new brand is immensely tricky as there is no particular formula that has been tried and tested especially for your brand before and that has worked for you. You have to figure out everything from scratch. Your marketing goals at the inception are way different from the ones you’ll have after you are a well-known brand. That explains why you need to have different strategies as well.

In two minds between Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing? These tips will help you

For the brands consulting a digital marketing agency for their marketing requirements, a common question is what services to avail and what to choose – social media marketing or email marketing. The following are the tips which will help you to understand the difference.

How to Use YouTube For Business Marketing?

Video is a massively dominant form of content creation today. We all love video and the impact that it can create on a person is many times more than what an image or text file can. It is more appealing and engaging for the audience and is becoming easily accessible with the growing speed of the internet.

Unlock Phase 1.0 -What’s in it for Digital Marketing?

During unlocking phase 1.0, brands face the repercussions of the current crisis with a steady mind and ensure that the business is running smoothly and at the same time continue to take full advantage of digital marketing services and not fade away from the memories of their customers.

Ephemeral Marketing : Digital Marketing Trend

The ultimate goal even in ephemeral marketing will be to garnish engagement from the users in the form of a like, comment or shares. The other objective behind this is to pull up the conversions, or get the lead by making them fill up a short form, or shoot up the website traffic by creating FOMO amongst users.

The Importance of Collaboration in Marketing

The blog is about the importance of collaboration in marketing and how it helps to get success in the near future. Through collaboration, there is a higher chance to get success in the market.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing?

Artificial intelligence helps digital marketers to customize their content based on their target audience. Machine learning technology is helping marketers to accumulate and analyze data on the shopping preferences of the users and send them customized notifications accordingly.

Email Marketing Trends 2020 for the Success of Small Businesses

Email marketing trends that you need to follow in the year 2020 to continue to stay at the top of the email marketing game, to increase the ROI.

Tips to Boost Your Google My Business Profile

Lately searches for keywords such as “near me” has increased. So boost your Google My Business (GMB) profile with this tips to get more busines with GMB.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Festive Season

Festive seasons offer more opportunities for businesses to increase their engagement among the audience, drive traffic to the website. So, this is a top 5 digital marketing strategy for festival season help you increase to ROI.

Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

how exactly do you plan your digital marketing strategy for maximum reach? You can do that by tapping on the following trends. Here’s how are top 7 trend for 2020, which help to increase ROI.

Everything You Need to Know About Digital Marketing!

Do you want to make a career in digital marketing or want to increase your brand's online presence, this is all you need to know digital marketing.

Evergreen Content - How It Enhances Your Marketing Efforts?

Evergreen content is written on topics that people show a consistent interest in and have a high search volume. Evergreen content help to get backlinks, traffic, and traction for years to come.

Duplicate Content Penalties: Myths Busted 2019 | Impulse Digital

It is necessary to put an end to the various myths and developments about duplicate content penalties and to understand the nuances and methods of content writing and search engine optimization in Google.

Top 18 Google Advanced Search Operators That You Must to Know

Google advanced search operators are the shortcuts for getting best refined result. In short when we say refined results it means commanding google to slender down your results so instead of obtaining unrelated results

Search Results now More Accurate with New Google Search Commands Before/After

Google has now introduced new commands in google search: the before and after commands.These commands help you find data before and after specific date, and also limits your searches while giving you the more accurate data.

How to Create a Brand Awareness campaign on Facebook?

Here’s a guide on how to create a brand awareness campaign on Facebook for your business/brand. Making people aware of the brand/business increases the loyalty of the customers by helping them choose a product/brand from within a plethora of options.

Twitter Hashtags Simplified: Here’s How you can Start Using Them

A twitter hashtag should be simple, unique and relevant in nature. There is differnet types of twitter hashtag avaialble, which is great way to catch the attention of the readers and get better visibility for your brand content on twitter.