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Party Higher is Australia's silent disco specialist. We are the only Silent Disco Company in Australia with 3 channel, high quality led lit up headphones. If you are looking for a silent disco kids party with activities and games or to make your event memorable, then Party Higher is your solution.

Silent Disco Festival - Community Event Entertainment | Party Higher

Music Festival Entertainment for Communities and Councils. Diverse Range of Different Activities and Entertainment Available Right Now! Want the Wow Factor, Get A Free Quote Now! With Party Higher, you can flick to another channel and continue to dance at any Silent Disco festival including St Kilda Festival, Moomba, Melbourne Racing Festival, Wodonga Children’s Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Confest and Mind & Body Festival or Christmas party. With different genres of music being played, all age groups and tastes are well and truly catered for.

School Fundraiser - Party Higher

Have a Silent Disco for the parents – we guarantee it will be a hit. Try combining kids with their parents. Each student can only come to the silent disco school fundraiser with a parent too. We have 1000’s of headphones so can accommodate any number of attendees.

Hire Silent Disco Services in Sydney

Unwind with Party Higher, a new level of fun for folks in Sydney. Welcome to the world of Silent Disco, you have arrived at the right place if you are looking to hire us for your next unforgettable event. We specialise in offering full-fledged Silent Disco services in Sydney. We offer professional DJ’s, amazingly skilled staff, eye catchy light up headphones, interactive Entertainment and much more. Party Higher even offer a 100% FUN Guarantee. It does not get any better than this!

We provide a range of cool and unique party services for entertaining events. 100%FUN Guaranteed or your money back. Looking for something different that will make you the Hero then contact us for an experience of a lifetime.

Christmas Kids Disco Party Ideas - Party Higher - Medium

Christmas party is not only about to fun and but also making the most of holiday spirit. When you add disco to the mix, you incorporate an element of rhythm and vibration that will have all the guests leaving with a smile. Christmas disco party for kids should have an interesting theme.

How To Organise A Silent Disco Party For Kids

By saying a silent disco party, we mean a disco party using high-quality wireless headphones to listen to music where A DJ can manage the choice of songs to be played and Children can listen and dance to the music, they love. So, treat them with a silent disco party on their school graduation or birthday, or even during their holidays. As with any other party, read full article for the basic steps to arrange a silent disco party for kids.

6 Steps to Organise Iconic Christmas Party - Party Higher - Medium

Christmas is around the corner. This year your party will be chronic, fun and memorable. You’ll get to mingle and enjoy yourself and people will actually get to bond. With a Party Higher Silent Disco package you require no extra budget and equipment, just your music. Here’s an exciting way to make your Christmas or New Year’s Eve party stand out and works well whatever the venue. Let your guests take control of the tunes and see who the best DJ at the party is.

Flip Books Photo Booth | Party Higher

Need A Great Time at Your Event, Something to Capture Your Memorable Experiences? Flipbooks – Personal Flipbook Pre-Made or Produced Live for Your Next Event. Get A Free Quote Now! flipbooks photo booth are perfect for every occasion; from large corporate events with thousands of attendees to more intimate functions and birthday parties, Party Higher specialize in making sure your guests have a great time and a memorable experience.

Silent Disco Perth - Silent Disco Hire Perth - Party Higher

Perth's Silent Disco 4 Kids Experts specialise in providing full Silent Disco Services for Kids Birthday Parties, Youth Festivals and School Events. Corporate entertainment as well. Our Silent Disco services are so popular in Perth that we also cover North Perth and South Perth too. Get A Free Quote Now!

UV Party, UV Light Party Hire, UV Body Painter - Party Higher

Want to Show Your Glow in The Dark Body Art at Your Event? Find Out More About Our Most Popular Add On, Fluro & White Glow in The Dark Body Paint with Professional Body Artists. Party Higher will have your house party or venue glowing under UV lights. Have everyone wear fluoro or white and we will body paint your guests with our professional UV Body Artists. Kids or Adults will love it.

5 Reasons why Hire Professional DJ with Party Higher

Having the right DJ is essential to having a great event, hire the wrong one and it can ruin your party! Party Higher is very passionate about the work and our aim is to provide an exceptional DJ service. Whether you’re looking for a Silent Disco, DJ or Photobooth, we are a one stop shop for all your entertainment needs. We are your professional DJ party specialist.

Silent Dance Classes | Party Higher

Looking for something fun and team bonding/community focused. Try Silent Disco Salsa, Silent Disco Zumba, Silent Disco Aerobics and More. Party Higher provides all the equipment you require for silent yoga classes even wireless head mics for your instructors or ours. Get A Free Quote Now!

There’s no shame in a selfie with our Selfie Mirror

Need A Way to Capture Your Memorable Events with Friends? Try Selfie Mirror – High Quality, 2 Beauty Lights, Portable, Social Share, Additional Printer. Your guests are always documenting the events they attend with photos on their devices, so now Party Higher is bringing to you a glamorous beauty mirror that can do all the hard work for you. We all love to take them, so now we’re catering for all your selfie needs with our Selfie Mirror! Everybody can have a turn snapping their own selfie or two, it’s as easy as picking up the mirror and grabbing your friends. Get A Free Quote Now!

Silent Disco Brisbane - Silent Disco Hire Brisbane | Party Higher

Party Higher is Queensland’s Silent Disco experts specialise in providing fun filled Silent Disco Services in the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Party Higher offers the best silent disco party for all ages with plenty of edgy services. The First Ever Silent Disco in Brisbane. 100% Fun, Unique and Personalise Specifically for You. If Your Looking to Host A Memorable Event in Brisbane, Get A Free Quote Now!

Silent Disco has revolutionised entertainment for all ages, and there's something in it for you too | Party Higher

By now, many of you would have probably heard about silent disco, or someone throwing a silent party – for a kids’ birthday, or even a work Christmas party. While the technology has improved rapidly since its inception, the underlying principle is still the same – people dance to music listened to on wireless headphones, and rather than using a speaker system, music is broadcast via a radio transmitter with the signal being picked up by wireless headphone receivers worn by the participants. Those without the headphones hear no music, giving the effect of a room full of people dancing to nothing. One of the key benefits in adopting silent disco technology for events, festivals, and parties, is the ability for organisers to circumvent noise pollution and noise restriction requirements.

Inflatable Snow Globe Hire - Inflatable Snow Globe Photo Booth | Party Higher

Looking for Outside of The Box Entertainment at Your Event? Go Inside the Inflatable Snow Globe, Get Memorable Photos Taken, Share It to Your Friends. Party Higher’s Inflatable Globe will take your event to the next level and have your audience intrigued from the get go. Go Inside the Inflatable Snow Globe, Get Memorable Photos Taken, Share It to Your Friends. The Globe is easy for guests to interact with. Once they have their photo taken, they simply upload it via their social media accounts to receive a printed copy from the Instagram Printer. Get A Free Quote Now!

8 key benefits of organising a silent disco party on your 21st birthday

Blimey! Are we turning 21 this month? That’s a great news and we know you must have planned something awesome for this big day of yours. Have you heard about the new trend called a silent disco party? More and more people are getting drawn towards this new and totally amazing way of celebration. Hey, why not organise a 21st birthday party with silent disco?

Virtual Reality Booth | Party Higher

Want A Fun and personalised Event? The Virtual Reality Booth utilises the latest technology to deliver a total immersion virtual reality experience for your guests. Party Higher provides large assortment of games and experiences to suit your specific event and amaze your guests. Check Out the Pre-Organised, Visual Interactive Experience with Fully Customisable, Branded Virtual Reality Booth Environment. Get A Free Quote Now!

Silent Disco Hire Darwin | Party Higher

The Most Popular Silent Disco 4 Kids Services in Darwin. The Most Fun Wireless Headphone DJ Party for Children Available in Darwin. Party Higher is the only Silent Disco in Darwin to provide a full Silent Disco service with Professional DJ’s, trained staff, light up headphone stands, LED Limbo bar, Slushie/Daiquiri Machines, Interactive Entertainment and lots more.The only Silent Disco Company in Darwin Get A Free Quote Now!

Top 11 Classiest Hen Party Ideas for 2020 - Beauty Around The Corner

Hen parties are perhaps the most exciting part of the whole ordeal of getting married. It is the only event where you can relax with your girls and forget about the task list in hand. You and your friends are going to cherish this event for the rest of your lives. Why not make it worth it? We know there’s no accounting for taste, and there’s no right time to try something new. Keeping this in mind, we have got some classic hens’ party ideas for you or anyone from your girl gang who has decided to tie the knot. You can try the one that clearly suits you or you can even plan a surprise for the bride-to-be.

Top 10 Benefits of Silent Corporate Team Building Activity

Silent team building activities are held using high-tech pairs of headphones to listen to music and the instructions of the event unfolding. Apart from being comfortable for the users, there are many benefits of organising team building activities with headphones. Silent corporate team building activity is something you need to arrange to achieve this goal.

Silent Disco Adelaide - Silent Disco Hire Adelaide | Party Higher

Looking for Specialists That Can Turn Your Birthday Party into An Exhilarating Experiences in Adelaide? Party Higher, Adelaide's Silent Disco Experts providing full Silent Disco Services. Party Higher, Adelaide’s Silent Disco Experts specialise in providing full Silent Disco in Adelaide. If you are looking for a Silent Disco Company in South Australia to provide local service than look no further

Racing Simulator | Party Higher

You don’t have to be a professional race car driver to have access to a Racing Simulator, the need for speed is universal. Let your guests strap into our always-engaging racing simulator and the fun begins! While racers battle it out head-to-head on a range of historic courses, the rest of the crowd watches and cheers them on.

Get A Plethora of Silent Disco Services - Party Higher

At Party Higher, we create experiences for any type of event or crowd. Kids, Communitee, youth, adult, corporate, elderly — they will all love our tailored music entertainment. You could hire silent disco headphones from us for your House Party, Kids Party, Wedding, Youth group, conference, team building, wellbeing day, school event or even for a huge rave Festival.

The honest truth about hiring new people – and fun, innovative ideas for your next corporate team building session | ...

Corporate team building activities are great way to encouraged staff to work together to solve the problems and connect in a stress-free and relaxed environment that brings positive outcomes on your office environment. We can also include Silent Disco for a chance to let off some steam, to great music and Silent Yoga or Meditation, to leave everyone a little more mindful about their place in your team, and their value to your organisation.

How Corporate Team Building Activities Boost Productivity

Businesses come to us usually because they have heard someone else having great results with Party Higher Silent Team building. Companies of all sizes and industries book Party Higher’s team building activities, because what we offer is so diverse, and caters to your special theme, group size, and within your budget.