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Updated by Joanna James on Dec 05, 2019
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9 Tips For First-Time Visitors To The Maldives – Get ready to witness a whole new world

There is no doubt that the Maldives is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and you could wonder what could go wrong in paradise – rarely anything but here are few things to be mindful of.


Have the full experience

It's no secret, the Maldives is not the most budget-friendly destination to visit and to enjoy the full experience of these beautiful islands it can be quite pricey. But remember, visiting the Maldives is a once in a lifetime trip so save up ahead and pamper yourself a bit – you won't regret it.


Do go local

In the past tourists needed a special permit to visit any of the officially 'inhabited islands'. These islands can now, however, be visited without one and you can even stay overnight at a local guesthouse. It is an experience definitely worth having to have a feel of island life and the local culture; see some traditional folk music and dance and maybe try some authentic cuisine.


Don't drink alcohol outside the resort

The Maldives is an Islamic nation and alcohol is prohibited in the country however there is an exception for the beach resorts. Tourists are not allowed to bring alcohol into the islands or consume it on inhabited islands.


Dress and act modestly outside the resort

When visiting inhabited islands dress modestly as both men and women should avoid wearing shorts above the knees while women are expected to cover their shoulders and elbows. The culture is quite conservative and couples are expected to refrain from public displays of affection. You are free to dress and behave as you wish in your accommodation, however.


Be mindful of the environment

The Maldives is the lowest-lying country in the world with its highest peak reaching above just 2.4m. This puts the nation in a very delicate place in regard to climate change. So don't pollute and be mindful to choose sustainable activities while on your trip. Diving in Maldives is a special experience, don't touch or cause damage to any of the corals though.


Staying in an over-water villa isn't a must

The over-water villas of the Maldives are iconic and it definitely might feel like you must stay at one for your trip to be complete. Seeing the amazing villas at resorts like Kuramathi Maldives it's easy to think like that. But your trip can be just as awesome without paying a large amount extra for it.


Buy a quality underwater camera

The world beneath the Maldives is simply magical and truly hard to comprehend at once. When you visit the Maldives, go diving, if not at least go snorkelling you will not regret it. But you will regret not being able to take at least a few photos for Instagram. So be sure to take a good quality underwater camera – it's a worthwhile expense.


The weather might not be perfect always

The weather in the Maldives is best from November to April however the tourist season falls around December to March during this time the weather is quite predictable; the ocean is crystal-clear and the sun shines bright. But from May till October the weather can get unpredictable and it is probably best to avoid planning a trip during those months.

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