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Top Exciting Water Sports to Try in the Maldives – Enough relaxing, time to have fun

If you want to enjoy the white sand beaches and crystal—clear waters, romantic sunsets – you must. But don't forget to try out some amazing water sports while you visit the Maldives.



If you love a little speed get on a wakeboard and hold on for dear life as it's quite a thrilling ride. Get pulled by a fast-moving motor board across the clear water while balancing on a small wakeboard – it's not the easiest thing to do but it definitely gets the blood pumping.



Well, we tried some 'boarding' in the water so let's take it to the air now. Once your feet are strapped into the Flyboard it's connected to a jet ski which pumps streams of high-pressure water which the board ejects and propels you into the air. This takes a little control but after a few failed attempts you'll be having the time of your life.



Well, the name does kind of give an idea of what this sport involves – you basically stand on board and hold onto a giant kite (of sorts) which pulls you through the water at really high-speeds. This is quite popular around the world and is actually a competitive sport.



Let's leave the water behind completely for a bit. There is nothing quite like parasailing it's a rush but with a sense of calm. Activities such as this cannot be found at every Maldives luxury resort but only at specific resorts like Kandolhu Maldives. Get a birds-eye view of the magnificent beauty of these tropical islands and just relax from up in the sky.



This is so much fun; get propelled across the water on a large inflated rubber tube which has no external power source –sounds scary I'm sure but it's not, its amazing fun; as its name would suggest.


Underwater walking

Walk on the seabed with a diving helmet and get a close-up view of the magical world of the reef around the Maldives. It's a simply unexplainable feeling to walk among hundreds and thousands of colourful fish and other large ocean dwellers such as Giant Mantas and Whale Sharks.


Scuba Diving

Don't even visit the Maldives if you're not going on one dive at least. It would such a waste of a trip. Though diving does require certification and preparation – it is one of the most worthwhile things you'll do in your life. The life beneath the waves is enchanting and you'll probably never want to leave.


Big Game Fishing

This may not be everyone's cup of tea but for a fishing enthusiast or someone just wanting to give it a go, it's definitely worth trying at least once. Sail out into the deeper sea and spend an evening catching giant Tuna and massive Sail Fish. A big game fishing trip would cost a person roughly $100 and November to March is considered the best time for it.

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