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Men's Formal Wear - Blackberrys

Blackberrys is a luxury brand of Indian men’s wear which is renowned the unique sizes, styles and cuts crafted exclusively to complement the body type of Indian men. The products include formal trousers, shirts, suits, khakis, t-shirts, shoes and other accessories. They also have exclusive brands that cater to the requirements of different age groups.

Whether you are at a Christmas party with friends or at the office, it's important to dress right for the event. Christmas is a time of celebration and your dressing sense should reflect that. That means leaving out the drab everyday formal wear and boating out a little bit towards bolder style.


Whenever you take this decision, the first question always will be: how to do it? Building a versatile and stylish wardrobe means you understand what will look great on you and ditching clothes that look unflattering. Making a minimalist wardrobe will not cost you much, provided you are smart about your choices.

Modern Trouser Styles for the Modern Men

Getting the fit and style correct of a trouser is quite important for any person. There are various aspects to focus on when going shopping for trousers- their fitting, the colours, how it complements the skin, etc.

There are a couple of things that will start in 2 months, first being the season of summer and then the battle to balance between comfort and style.

Combinations to make you dapper every day!

Are you one of those guys who always have to consult a second person every time they have to dress up? If yes, then this article is for you. If you don’t know the first thing about contrasts and colour combinations, then dressing up for work may seem hectic to you.

Create your Perfect Pair with Khaki Pants

Known for their versatility among men’s fashion, khaki pants have garnered quite an acclaim across the world. Though originally envisioned as an outfit for the workplace, the modern khaki pants are perfect for casual events as well.

Create the perfect casual look with Blazers

Being the coolest item in menswear, Blazers are quite an effective option to tie an outfit together. In its essence, men’s blazers are usually considered to be a formal clothing option as it adds a certain kind of sharpness to the whole look.

The Dos and Dont’s of Wedding Attire for Men

It’s that time of the year when the wedding invitation cards keep coming in almost every other week. It would seem like almost everyone is getting married.

Decoding Men’s Complete Wedding Look

With the wedding season upon us, finding the perfect attire for men is quite difficult. Whether you are attending the marriage ceremony of your close relatives or a colleague, you obviously would like to look your best. Plus, with so many ceremonies and mini functions before the main event, it can get quite cumbersome to get the perfect look every night.

Summers are upon us, and that means there is going to be a change in the wedding season. With the heat turning up day-by-day, it can become quite cumbersome to choose a look that will make you look and feel cool at some time.

A Guide to Buying Blazers for Men

One of the most incredible clothing for men, Blazers, have taken the fashion world by storm. As per the formal fashion trends, a blazer is usually considered a subtle version of a suit jacket that only enhances its versatility factor. For occasions where the suit seems a bit much, like brunches and garden parties, blazers are a perfect choice.


Summers are the season to chill and relax. Whether you are going to a party or to the office, this is the season that brings a vibe of ease to your personality, which obviously reflects on your dressing sense as well.

Weddings have always been a very formal affair, with families from both sides in their best traditional or western formal attire. Though some invitation cards offer a dress code to help you simplify choosing the exact clothes, most Indians usually leave it to the imagination of the guests.

Upgrading Men’s Wardrobe from Scratch

Whenever you decide to upgrade your wardrobe, the question that always arises first is: how to go about it? In order to build a versatile and stylish wardrobe for yourself, it is important to understand what works for you and what doesn’t. Creating a wardrobe from scratch is not going to be as pricey as you would expect, provided you are smart about your choices.


A suit is one clothing item that will never go out of style. Up until a few years, the suit had a very simple design: coat, shirt, pants and shoes. Be it for an official meeting, formal event or a wedding, the formal suit has remained a constant companion.

The Perfect Guide to Wearing a Slim-Fit Suit

Choosing a suit is like going through a minefield. You have to choose the right fit, the right pattern and pair it with the right accessories. Here are some tips to help you get the perfect men's slim-fit suit that will make you the toast of the party:

The Best Trousers for summer

There are just a few types of fabric that work great for summers. The two rules for summer trousers are that they should not be too tight (to make sure it is comfortable) and breathable (to make sure that you don’t sweat a lot). Here’s a guide to help you get your summer trousers right.

Choosing the Perfect Shoe for your Suit

When it comes to suits, one detail that most men usually get wrong while pairing is choosing the right type of formal shoes. Though there are majorly 2 colour families available- shades of brown and black, the confusion lies in which to wear with which suit. Here is a simple guide on how to pair the perfect leather shoes for men with their suit:

Jeans are perhaps the best thing to have happened in the fashion history in centuries. This divine creation is perfect leisure wear that can make you look sexy while you chill. The only requirement is that you need to know how to find the right pair. Here are a few pointers that will lead you to your pair of jeans.

A Gentleman’s Guide to Leather!

Thankfully masculinity has been saved and differentiated from bollywood induced stereotypes of toxicity and unapologetic misogyny. While whether women and they prefer alpha or beta men is mostly debatable, it is hard to contest the appeal of a gentleman in formal attire. But most men fail to perfect the look as they seldom pay attention to crucial details: shoes and belts.

Stay in Style, From Office to Bar

Staying trendy is important, but dressing intelligently is more so. Switching to smart dressing can save you the time and trouble of pulling out several clothes from the wardrobe on an eventful day.

A Guide to Buying Blazers for Men

One of the most incredible clothing for men, Blazers, have taken the fashion world by storm. As per the formal fashion trends, a blazer is usually considered a subtle version of a suit jacket that only enhances its versatility factor. For occasions where the suit seems a bit much, like brunches and garden parties, blazers are a perfect choice.

Style Staples for the New-Gen Men

Most men think that they have the perfect dressing sense. Whether it is formal or casual, they usually set up one style that becomes a familiar extension of their personality. But it is not quite true. Fashion is an ever-changing art, and as much as it is important to maintain your look, it is equally essential to stock your wardrobe with the staples for the current generation.

Men’s Winter Fashion Guide

Autumn is going to bed and it’s high time for men to start thinking about winter fashion. And what better way to give your wardrobe a new look than stocking up on some formal blazers for men and coats.

The Colourful World of Men’s Trousers!

Men have a lot to thank feminism for, surprised? Feminism panned out as the parent movement to many subsequent ones including the LGBTQ. The relevance being, if it weren’t for feminism men wouldn’t have been able wear so many colours!