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Updated by Siddharth Kaul on Mar 16, 2020
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Digital Marketing Expert in India

I’m Siddharth Kaul, a Digital Marketing Expert with more than 7 Years Experience. Started My Business from 2012 under the name of Virtual Architects first, after that introduced VAMedia Box Pvt Ltd in 2016 to help many businesses to create their Online Presence in today’s Digital World.



Hire Best Digital Marketing Expert in Delhi India

Hire Best Digital Marketing Expert in Delhi India

A digital marketing expert in Delhi, India can deliver you huge experience where you can interact with your valuable customers across all the digital marketing platforms without any hassle. Digital marketing channels provide your access to an unbelievable number of data and customers. Now businesses can be driven in an efficient manner with online tools for result oriented sales process through Online marketing services.


Google Adwords Expert in Delhi at Affordable Price

Google Adwords Expert in Delhi at Affordable Price

Are you looking for the Google Adwords Expert in Delhi? Connect with Siddharth Kaul. He is highly proficient and possessed with years of experience in the digital market.


Siddharth Kaul - Books That Inspired Me!!

Siddharth Kaul - Books That Inspired Me!!

When you read the right book, you want to go out and conquer the world. The business inspirational books motivate you to succeed. It is a high-quality motivational book that hands you the tools you require to assist you succeed. That is what makes huge life-changing books.

Where I Get Amazing Business Ideas?

Journals and inspiring books are important because they motivate us into achieving great things in our lives. There are times in our life when its gets tough to survive, at that moment motivational books and inspire us to achieve big things in our life.

Web Designer And Developer | PHP | Wordpress | Digital Marketing

I am self-motivated full-stack Web developer/Designer with 7+ year's experience in all aspect of web design and development. I've worked on WordPress, Laravel, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap and PHP having very good knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery.


Great Entrepreneurs are Always on Learning Process

Great Entrepreneurs are Always on Learning Process

Great Entrepreneurs Never Stops! They Always Look Out Innovative Ways To Implement In Their Business. Also, They Are learn lessons from entrepreneurs to reach on business heights. Thinking what lesson they Should Learn?

How Does The Work Environment Affect Productivity?

It's Quite Easy To Increase Your Team Efficiency & Performance, If You Closely Look At Work Environment! However, You Must Know Where To Invest Your Mind & Time! Read this interesting article to improve team productivity!

Winners & Losers: What Makes Them Different?

Winners & Losers Are Not Just Two Words But Have Deep Meaning! It Distinguishes Personalities As How They Feel Or How They Think? Apart From That, What Exactly Makes Them Different? Well, Read This Article & Know the Difference.

Things I Kept In Mind While Dealing With Clients

Dealing With Client Enquiry - Meeting Should Be Closed With Happy Faces! Isn't It? Well, for that keep Some Effective Tips On Your Mind. Read This Article To Know What Can Help You In Business Meetings.

5 Toxic Behaviors at Office That Make Employees Quit

Reason Why Good Employees Quit - Toxic Behavior At Office Not Only Affect Productivity, But Also Lead to Physical & Mental Disturbance! What Else It Can Do?


Siddharth Kaul - Some Mind-Blowing Tips for Better Work-Life Balance

Siddharth Kaul - Some Mind-Blowing Tips for Better Work-Life Balance

There are 5 tips for better work-life balance to take into consideration for proper management. However, it depends upon your business needs. If you want to live a happy life, then balance your work and life together to get optimum results! You Can Easily Balance Your Work & Life If You Have Best Tips In Your Kitty!

To Scale Your Business, Keep Yourself on Latest Trends

The Only Way to Beat Your Competitor Is Stay Updated with Latest business Trends in India! This Can Help You to Stand Out From Others..! Read This Article To Know the Best Way to Gain Knowledge


Don't Look Down! That's a Perfect Business Mantra

Don't Look Down! That's a Perfect Business Mantra

Successful entrepreneur business mantra often stop themselves from doing efforts because they fail to achieve, they were expecting. Now the reason behind failure could be any like – lack of planning, leadership failure, communication gap, ignoring customer requirements, poor management and so forth. However, the worst part about business failing is that entrepreneurs are unaware of happening until it is too late. While some businessmen live in a land of denial, some neglect their mistakes.