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Updated by Impulse Digital on Oct 03, 2022
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Digital Marketing Services

Creating an online image takes a lot of serious and consistent efforts. We know that your brand means a lot to you and while we work for its digital marketing, we treat it as our own.

Search Engine Optimization Service

Our search engine optimization service will play the main role to get top ranking at search engines. We use white hat SEO techniques, which also googles love the same techniques.

Social Media Marketing Service

Social media is perfect way to make branding for any brand, individual & company. We some latest trends & tips to make your brand hits in marketing.

website Design & Development Services

Website is a very first step for any business to get interact with a customer and also with help of website customers can buy any product & service online. We love to design & develop a responsive website for our clients.

Pay Per Clicks / Google Ads Services

We using Google ads campaign for your client, which help to get more visibility in google with help of Search, display & shopping ads.


Impulse Digital is a leading digital marketing agency in Thane serving large and small businesses with their customer and sales-driven marketing solutions. Our expert team of digital marketers are well-equipped with market insights that help them design digital marketing strategies and solutions that help you stand out of the competition.

The Incredible Influence of Moment Marketing – Dos and Don’ts | Impulse Digital

Moment Marketing is a marketing technique that uses the essence of ongoing events to create communications and marketing collateral. If executed properly, this marketing strategy can yield a lot of new ideas. If you haven't already done so, now is the time to do so and grasp the moment creatively.

All you need to know about Social Selling! | Impulse Digital

Social Selling is a new age digital marketing strategy that can create miracles for your sales and revenue goals. With these skills and techniques, you can certainly accelerate your brand's social sales performance to the greatest extent possible!

What’s your E-commerce website missing and how to make the most of it? | Impulse Digital

E-commerce websites, unlike other types of websites, must be specifically developed to allow your target audience to purchase products and services directly from your company. It not only promotes your company's services and products on the internet, but it also allows visitors to find them on your website, add them to their "cart," and securely enter their payment information to make their transaction.

Is it really necessary to opt for festive season digital marketing? | Impulse Digital

They don’t say hit the iron when it’s hot for nothing. When it comes to effective marketing hit the strategies when it is festive. Festive marketing can get you more from your marketing efforts and here’s how and why you must opt for it to scale up your marketing productivity.

What is a Lead Magnet and how to use it effectively? | Impulse Digital

There is no point in having a website if your visitors are not engaged effectively and prompted enough to convert. Every business needs tangible results for which they spend tons on different lead-generation digital marketing tactics.

5 smart tips to boost your year end Digital sales | Impulse Digital

With the right digital marketing strategy at the right time, you can get your customers hooked to your brand and amplify your digital sales exponentially. These tips and strategies will get the ball rolling for your year-end sale and lift your digital sales competitively.

5 Secrets to a Great Social Media Campaign | Impulse Digital

A great social media campaign can work wonders for your brand if planned and executed correctly. Moreover, these 5 secrets can align your campaign constructively towards your goal and bring out the best in your marketing efforts.

Implementing Digital Marketing in the International Market | Impulse Digital

When it comes to international digital marketing don’t be hasty. Aim to employ an efficient and well-thought digital marketing strategy that reaches international audiences, region by region or country by country. Monitor and evaluate your strategy constantly and introduce changes wherever necessary.

The Complete Guide to Social Listening in 2021 | Impulse Digital

When everything around you is moving so fast, Social Listening gives your brand the stability needed to analyse and improve your social media strategies productively. If this is not something that you are acquainted with, fret not.

Top 3 ways of using Social media stories and Instagram Reels in your Marketing Strategy | Impulse Digital

We have listed some Top 3 ways of using Social media stories and Instagram Reels in your Marketing Strategy. You can amp up your social media strategy by incorporating intriguing Instagram Reels and social media stories.

A simple guide to the foundation of Quora Marketing | Impulse Digital

As opposed to common belief, Quora marketing has a lot more potential than it seems from afar. If you haven't yet started your journey with Quora marketing, go ahead and use these tips, action points and strategies to get started with a great Quora digital marketing foundation to magnify your brand's appeal in the masses!

More about Quora Marketing: 5 Detailed Steps to Quora Ads | Impulse Digital

To get a quick view of what quora ads is and how they work go through our blog. Quora Marketing is very effective and trending nowadays with the emerging social media trends.

All you need to know about Programmatic Advertising | Impulse Digital

In simple words, Programmatic advertising uses technology to eliminate the cumbersome and prolonged manual tasks that were earlier required in the advertisement sector. It puts into practice efficient technological automation for buying and selling of ad impressions on various digital media platforms.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends of 2022 | Impulse Digital

Digital marketing trends keep evolving. In order to bring your A-game to the virtual marketing arena, your brand needs to know and implement the latest and most relevant trends in this domain. In this blog, we’ve listed the top five Digital marketing trends of 2022 that you ought to know!