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Updated by Jitendra Dadhich on Apr 27, 2020
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Top 9 Benefits of Using Augmented Reality app for Business

AR enables you to encounter trend setting innovation and this present reality. It carries your creative mind into this present reality out and out. It was seen that most organizations are searching for an Augmented Reality Development Company.

Why is Golang better than Python for Web Development?

Know pros and cons that why Golang is better than Python for Web Development. Check Golang vs Python facts and figures a detailed comparison. Golang provides cost-effective solutions by making use of best ever technologies.
Go doesn't need a framework to run as a web app. In most cases, you will find built-in functionalities of Go is more better than Python for Web Development.

Augmented Reality in the Automobile Industry | BR Softech

Augmented reality has risen in prominence among major brands like Ford Mustang. Augmented Reality development company makes a virtual splash that lets the user view and configures the Mustang AR Car Design and engine overview details. BR Softech tends to maintain a reliable and robust Augmented Reality app that covers all the features that make the entire process smoother. We offer the best solution using Virtual Reality technologies with an aim to provide users with a more personalized Augmented Reality service. For more information, you can check our website and portfolio by following URLs. Website: We are specialized in given Domains 1. Android App Development 2. Web Development 3. IOS App Development 4. Game Development 5. Crypto/Bitcoin Development 6. ERP and software development 7. Sports Betting Software, App and Website Development and many more

The Future of Mixed Reality in Our Everyday Life -

With the coming era of Mixed Technology, business and industries are required to take proactive actions and get them MR technology ready. There are several augmented and virtual reality app development companies which provide solutions for the mixed reality application development, windows mixed reality development, and HoloLens app development services.


Golang v/s Python - Golang is the Best to Substitute for Python

Easy to decide between Go and Python because comparing an old language with a relatively young language is not fair. Speed is one of the main advantages of Golang. In code execution, Golang is far better than Python, but on the other hand, Python is much better at production speed than Golang. You can conclude by the comparisons between Golang and Python that Python is not falling backwards in terms of machine learning.

Benefits for Startups in VR Gaming Industry - jitendradadhich’s diary

With the huge increase in Internet users globally, the addiction to gaming is reaching new heights. Game developers are putting a lot of efforts in developing millions of games every day. VR Game developers are trying their level best in incorporating every new technology with the game development mode…

How can Machine learning helps in Driven Innovation in Agriculture? -

Agriculture is the backbone of every nation. Without a good condition of the agriculture field, neither a country can develop, nor it can compete with others. The bad agricultural situation is like paralysis to a country. In the past, when the technology.

With the help of machine learning, agriculture is now more productive, easy and convenient for farmers. It has opened new ways for farming. As time is passing away, both farmers and machine learning app development companies are working together to make agriculture strong and convenient.

Top 7 programming language should look out in 2020 -

With the sudden increase in demand, most of the leading companies and developers are interested in the development field. Most web app development companies achieve a competitive edge by designing web applications and websites, along with the tools associated...

Top 10 Google Golang Web Framework in 2020 - Go Frameworks

Now, Popular Google Golang Web Framework use in 2020 has hit the app market named as Golang. Best Go framework in 2020 to use for your web development.

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IoT Security 2020 Trends: Solutions, Technologies, Challenges, Platform, Companies

Trends of IoT Security 2020: Solutions, Technologies, Challenges, Platform, Companies. IoT security solutions 2020 that stand out every time and provides easy to use options that improve customer experience.

Futuristic Technology May change the future of mobile app development

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most creative and realistic of modern business technology in the world. Are you looking for best IoT application development company in India, USA ? Br Softech is the best IoT application development company.

AR/VR in healthcare! How can Medical Businesses use it?

AR/VR in healthcare! How can Medical Businesses use it? AR & VR is transformed everyone’s life by simply combine real thing with the virtual environment.